Ginger's Jollies: Bank Holiday Camping

This past weekend in the UK was a Bank Holiday weekend. That means a three day weekend for some of us (sorry to those people who had to work!) It was also my friend's birthday. She decided that she wanted to go camping for her birthday, so early on Saturday morning I headed down South to join her and Saunders on a camping trip adventure. 

We camped on a farm around the Dorking area. It felt so good to be back in the countryside for a few days (my flowery wellies even got an outing.) We spent Saturday chilling out on the camp site and walking through the wood, having an explore and taking some photographs before settling down around the camp fire and having a BBQ.

On Sunday, we took a drive down the road and discovered Shere; a beautiful country village surrounded by rolling hills, and hundreds of trees. We stopped for a drink and a bite to eat, and had a mosey around the shops (we even discovered an Antique Fayre, which made Saunders very happy!) 

 After a short stop back at the camp site for a mid-afternoon nap, off we went again to find somewhere to have tea. A hop skip and a jump down the road (in the car) we found a gorgeous little country pub to stop at and have a bite to eat and a relax. I had the most delicious home-cooked curry, and it was so lovely sitting out in the sun. We were definitely blessed with beautiful weather that weekend. 

After our tea, we spent the evening around the fire toasting marshmallows and making S'mores (if you live in the UK and haven't heard of a S'more before - hehe- here is a good definition - thank you Wikipedia. - S'mores are delicious! You ALL should try therm!)

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The Bank Holiday weekend was beautiful and it was really great to spend some quality time with two of my really good friends. I do love camping, but I wish I'd packed a few warmer clothes. The temperature really dropped in the evening, and on the second night, I had to sleep in the car because I was so cold.) It was my silly mistake for not going prepared. I should have learnt from going to Canada last year, but it didn't dampen my spirits - just gave me an even bigger excuse to have a warm bath when I got back to my parents' house!

Are you a camper, or a glamper?!

Ginger x

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  1. I found your blog during the A-Z Challenge.
    I know last weekend was a three day weekend for most of us Americans for Memorial Day. Is there a reason why the UK has a bank holiday that day?