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I am always looking for new moisturisers to try out. Having soft and smooth skin is something that instantly makes me feel gorgeous! 

When I knew my holiday was fast approaching, my first thought was "Oh No....I'm going to have to get a tan." But the more I thought about it, the more I realised how that wouldn't be the best idea. A lot of the fake tan products out there are not one-hand-friendly, and there was no guarantee that any of my friends would be free to help me apply it. So it was back to square one.

It was on the off-chance that I spotted the Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil. I glided passed it when I was doing my food shop. The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging. It looked really enticing and luxurious, and reminded me of something you might find in a holiday market abroad. 

I was also really excited to see that it had a spray top. Don't get my wrong. I love cream body lotions and moisturisers, but I find them really tricky to apply on my back. With a spray top, I could just spritz and go! 

This oil definitely got a big THUMBS UP for the one-hand friendly packaging Garnier. Yay!

And then I got reading the label. Not only was it really nice to see so many oils packed in to one product (the oil contains Argan, Macadamia, Almond and Rose oil) but the main thing that caught my eye was the word Illuminates. At least if I wasn't going to get a tan on holiday, my skin would at least look nourished and healthy! I was definitely on to a winner. 

I purposefully didn't use the oil until I went away because I didn't want to risk any product getting on to my clothes or on my suitcase. So I waited until the first day away to try it out. 

I was not disappointed! The smell of the oil is absolutely gorgeous!! Now, I'm not that great at describing smells, but to me, the scent of the oil instantly reminded me of a spa (if you can imagine that!?) It's a really luxurious scent and I could really pick up on the Macadamia and Argan oil. The smell isn't overpowering, and lingers on the skin long after application. Some days I didn't even bother putting on perfume. The oil was enough to keep me feeling smelling fresh and delicious. 

After playing around with the application for a few days, I discovered that if I sprayed it on straight after I had a shower, it kept me a lot more moisturised. The oil formula sunk in really quickly to my skin and I didn't have to wait for ages to dry. The spray top made it really easy to reach those "hard to get" places (back, neck,) and even though I couldn't reach everywhere to smooth the oil in, my skin still reaped the benefits of the oil with it just being on my skin.

There was only one little downside to the application (although it's a really minor one!) On the back of the packaging, it says that the oil is "Non-Greasy", which, for the most part is true, but if you are wanting to apply it on your feet, I'd wait for a few minutes before you walk around. Where we were staying had wooden flooring and tiles, and I did find myself slipping around a few times after I'd sprayed the oil on to my feet. 

Tile-skating is not a good look!

I am really impressed with this oil. It's such an easy application, smells amazing, and left my skin instantly looking and feeling better. It was also great at relieving the itch of my mosquito bites (which were really bad.) I picked the oil up for under £10, and I definitely got what I paid for.

If you're looking for a new moisturiser or beauty oil to try, I'd really recommend the Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil. 

Which moisturiser or body oil is your favourite?

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