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Packing for a holiday has got to be one of my most favourite things to do. Like wrapping up Christmas or birthday presents. It just gets me really excited to the forthcoming event, and trying to decide what to take away is, and finding the perfect place for it in your suitcase just fills me with glee! 

Does anybody else feel like this, or just me?

I knew it would (hopefully) be hot in France, so opted for a lot of dresses, and a pair of denim shorts. Yes...I may have been tempting fate, but even if it rained (which it did,) I would remain fully in holiday mode.

Week One: Normandy 

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Dress: ASOS,
Cardigan: New Look,
Scarf: Primark,
Sunglasses: (Prescription)

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Rain Coat: New Look,
 Leggings: New Look,
Gold Wedge Trainers: New Look
The start of our week in Normandy was a bit rubbish. It took ages to drive there from Calais, there was a horrendous storm, and then, for the first few days, I was poorly (that's a tradition for me....I always am sick somehow on every holiday I go on!) 

The weather was also really changeable. First it was scorching, then it was cloudy, then it was scorching again. It made it really hard to know what to wear! Usually, I just opted for a dress, and then changed as and when I needed to.

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Dress: New Look,
Gladiator Sandals: New Look
Just Add Ginger blog
Dress: New Look,
Tote Bag: (Present)
 It all changed again when the mosquitoes attacked. They really took a fancy to my legs, and all the bites swelled, so I looked like I had some kind of plague. Wearing leggings was out of the question because they only made the swelling worse, so it was maxi dresses and exposure of my lumpy legs for a few days while the swelling went down (although, even now I still have "bruises" where you can tell they have been to visit!)

Week Two: Brittany

Brittany was slightly better weather-wise, and by the time we got there, my bites had started to go down, so I wasn't too embarrassed to get out my legs a bit more (I was hoping for a tan too!)

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Just Add Ginger blog
Cardigan: New Look
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Jumper: H&M,
Denim Shorts: River Island
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Playsuit: River Island
The only extra piece of clothing I bought while we were away was an oversized black jumper from H&M in Rouen. I needed something a bit thicker to keep my arms covered to prevent any more mosquito attacks. It was so comfortable that I wore it nearly every evening.

There was a lot of double-wearing going on on this holiday. It wasn't because I didn't pack enough, but because the weather was so changeable, I had to go for things that I could wear with sandals or trainers. We were out for most days, so I had to take both footwear options with me, just in case it decided to lash it down again!

I kept my hair down for most of the days we were there. It was only on the days where it was getting a bit greasy where I asked my mum to help me put it up. To be honest, I liked it down better. I'm really loving showing off my curls by pinning up the top layer of my hair. 

Also, having my hair down meant minimal neck exposure to those pesky critters who enjoyed feasting on me so much! 

What are your holiday wardrobe staples?

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