Beauty by Ginger: Lush Spa Liverpool - Sound Bath

Beauty by Ginger: Sound Bath

This Valentine's Day was the first one that me and Boyfriend spent together. With this in mind, I wanted to plan something really special for us to do together. I am an absolute LUSH and LUSH Spa fanatic, and with Boyfriend having now become a part of this love, I had no trouble deciding what I wanted to treat us to. 

At first, I wasn't sure which treatment to go for. With so many to choose from and two The Comforter? and one Tailor Made treatment already under my belt, I was flummoxed. but, after a long conversation with one of the lovely LUSH employees, and under her recommendation, I decided to book us both in for a Sound Bath.

It was a treatment that I was a little bit hesitant about. Only for the reason that the only thing I knew about it was that it involved candles being placed in your ears. I mean, c'mon, I've never had any beauty treatment that involves flames before. You can understand my nerves.

But once Boyfriend and I had arrived at the LUSH Spa in Liverpool. My fears quickly disappeared.  

After a little wait on the shop floor (the previous treatments were running late.. Everyone was really apologetic, but we were in no hurry,) a cup of tea, and a gander at all the products (Boyfriend was made to look at -and sniff - all the things,) we were taken up to the spa by our massage therapists. 

I never grow tired of the way that going up to the spa feels like you're going round to somebody's house for a cup of tea and a slice of home-made cake. We were made to feel so comfortable and at ease by our therapists. After filling in the consultation forms and offered a glass of water, I was able to express my nerves about the whole ear candle situation, and have all my nerves quashed as they reassured me and attentively answered all my questions.

Then it was time to begin. 

Placed before us on the wooden kitchen table was a box. And as we lifted the lid surrounded by a sea of  swirling mists, inside lay two vials with "Drink Me" and two chocolate mushrooms. What a most magical way to begin any treatment. I felt a sudden sense of giddiness. Almost like the feeling you get before you tear down the biggest drop of the roller-coaster. I just had this feeling that Sound Bath was going to be a massage like no other. 

Sound Bath Review

Once in the double treatment room, we were invited to take a seat. As we took in the relaxing atmosphere of coloured lights and tea candles, incense was lit, and we were shown how the tuning forks were to be used. (Having never seen a tuning fork in my life, I was very glad that what I saw before me was not a piece of cutlery!)

There is simply no way to describe the sensation of having a tuning fork placed on your skin. The immediate sense of relaxation that came over me was completely unexpected. Our massage therapists also explained the rest of the treatment and what might happen. I'm being decided cryptic with some details of the treatment. With Sound Bath, more so than the other treatments, I think what you get out of it is deeply personal, and I wouldn't want to spoil the effect for anybody. 

Beauty by Ginger: Sound Bath Review

But trust me, you'll fall completely into a state of relaxation such as you may have never experienced before.

Boyfriend and I tucked ourselves in to our massage beds, and with a quick ting-a-ling of the bell to say that we were ready. It was time. 

Akin to the other treatments I have had at LUSH, the soundtrack to Sound Bath was just beautiful. And the treatment is choreographed in perfect time to the music. Every movement and part of the massage just flows. 

A dance on your skin. 

The treatment began with focus on my face and jaw. I've never had a facial massage before, and I don't think I'd ever realised just how amazing it could feel...Until then. 

I cannot imagine just how much tension I must carry in my face everyday, but I certainly felt any stress I had vanish almost instantly. I was so relaxed I literally thought I was going to melt in to the massage table. The massage combined with the use of the tuning forks is hypnotic and completely inexplicable. My body just gave a huge sigh of relief and I was floating. Lost in the moment and surrounded by utter relaxation. 

I don't know where I went, but I was nearly asleep on the massage table. 

Beauty by Ginger: Sound Bath Review

When it was time for the ear candles, we were gently asked to turn on to a side of our choosing. By this point, I was completely un-phased by the candle that was about to be placed in my ear that I turned on to my side unmoved from my relaxed state of mind. 

This is the part of the treatment that I remember the most. Even though my eyes were closed, I could still see a glowing flicker of orangey-yellow warmth. It really felt like I was in front of an open log fire in a log cabin in the middle of an isolated field. It was not uncomfortable in the slightest, and felt very surreal. Boyfriend and I must have been in sync because we chose the same side to turn to for the first ear candle. 

After the ear candles came a seriously intense head massage. And by no means was thin intense in a bad way. Oh no. Having never had a head massage (but loving those mini ones you get at the hairdressers sometimes,) I didn't really know what to expect. Yet I found myself subconsciously moving in time to the movements of the massage. My head went where it needed to be placed and yet my mind stayed in its hypnotised state. 

The use of the soundtrack with the massage could not be more perfect to help bring you back floating down from your cloud and on to the ground. It gently nudges you out of a sleepy state and allows you to wake up slowly. 

Boyfriend and I stood in silence for a few minutes after the massage. I don't think either of us really realised that the treatment was over. It all seemed so surreal. 

Sound Bath Review Just Add Ginger

One of our therapists greeted us after the massage and led us to the seating area. We were treated to a pot of calming, aromatic tea, and sat in our mesmerised state. I can't really explain how I felt after the massage other than to me, the world seemed more alive. I was more in tune to what was going on around me, and everything had this fresh rosy glow. I felt calm. I felt at ease. And it was wonderful.  

Sometimes it is difficult to clear our minds of the stresses of everyday life, problems we have, worries we feel. But Sound Bath gave us that time to just be. We could unwind in a place where nothing could seep in to our heads. And it was just what we needed. 

Have you tried Sound Bath yet? What did you think?

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