Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Her

So....this is it.

Valentine's Day is nearly upon us.

Some of you may have already thought about what to get the one you love as a symbol of your affection. But if you are still trying desperately to think of something for the festivities that tomorrow brings, here are a selection of gift ideas to help inspire you in what to get your special lady.

1. Say It With Flowers: I know for me there is no better feeling than being in a room with a vase of my favourite flowers. And it doesn't have to be the god ol' romantical classic of red roses that you give your lady love . If you know her personal taste in blooms, then treat her to a bouquet of gorgeous petals. It's a simple gift, but one that speaks heaps.

2. Bedazzle Her: If she is a big jewellery fan, than giving the gift of bling this Valentine's Day could be a great gift idea. Maybe you've seen her pawing over pages in her favourite fashion magazine, or wistfully looking wide-eyed through shop windows. If you've clocked on to a piece she really likes, then surprise her with it.

And if you're not sure about what item of jewellery to find for her, choose something that stands out to you. A piece that reminds you of you're love will bring instant meaning to the gift, and fill it with sentiment. She'll really appreciate the thought you have put in to your pick too.

3. Pamper Your Princess: Everybody needs and deserves some quality "me" time. To make that time for her extra special, why not indulge her with some beautifully-scented bath & body goodies.
You could even book a mini spa day/break for the two of you. This will give you the chance to spend some quality time together, and feel like a million dollars. There are bound to be some sensational spas & treatments out there that will cater to both you and your other half. Pick some treatments that you both will appreciate and feel the frustrations of daily life melt away.

4. Bubbles: Ahhh....There is no feeling more decadent for me than sitting with a glass of my favourite bubbly. If you know what her favourite tipple is, why not spoil her with it this Valentine's Day. Surprise her with it before you have a romantic meal, use it to toast your relationship, or save it for another occasion. Whatever you use it for, I'm sure if she's a fan of some cheeky fizz she'll appreciate having a fabulous bottle of it in her collection.

5. Say It With Chocolate: Another classic gift, but one that never grows old. Nothing says "I love you" quite like chocolate does. Personally, I always go for chocolates that are boxed beautifully if I'm looking for a gift to send someone special. I think it adds that little touch of luxury, and makes it all the more exciting.

6. Sweet Scents: This gift may be for the more daring out there as it means you really need to know her tastes to a T. It can be a risky task picking a perfume, but if you're not sure, pinch the bottle she is currently using (or note down its name,) and take it with you when you do your shopping. There will be sales assistants and people who can help you pick out the perfect scent for her based on the scent she already has. She'll no doubt appreciate the risk you took in picking up a new perfume for her to try.

7. Take a Trip: This doesn't mean you need to break the bank to fly you both first class to France to have dinner at the Eiffel Tower. Just like I said in my Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him, it's all about a trip that creates happy, romantic memories for the two of you that you can look back on. It could be as simple as taking a winter walk in the park together (weather permitting of course,) following in the footsteps of your first date together, or having a candlelit meal for two in your favourite restaurant. Ultimately it's all about the time you spend together.

Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day.

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