Valentine's Day Gift Guide - For Him

Valentine's Day Gift Guide - For Him

Valentine's Day will be upon us in just a few short weeks.

If - like me - this is the first Valentine's Day you'll be spending with a new special someone, then chances are you may be sitting there racking your brains about what to get them as a gift.

With this in mind, I decided to put together a small selection of gift ideas that may provide you with some inspiration.

1. Pampering: For our first Valentine's Day together, Boyfriend & I are going to be taking a trip to the LUSH Spa in Liverpool for a double treatment (don't worry, he knows we are already.) He works really hard in his job, and deserves to be pampered so I thought I'd take a chance and book us both in for something special so that we both get some "me" time but spend quality time together.

Having a spa day/break will help you both get uber-relaxed and wash all outside stresses away. There are so many wonderful spas and treatments out there that no doubt you will find one that suits both you & your boyfriend/husband.

2. Champagne: If he likes to indulge in  some yummy bubbles, selecting a really beautiful bottle of champagne/prosecco could be the perfect gift. Especially if it comes in one of those very chic and fancy wooden boxes or plush bottle-jackets. It's something you could share together to toast your relationship, or save for another special occasion.

Ps. Don't forget to save the cork as a keepsake of this special day!

3. Love Letters: If you want to create a really personal gift to give to him, then why not make a special token of your love that can be kept forever. Simply find a jar (mason/jam etc...) make sure it is clean, and fill it with pieces of paper that say something special that you love about your man. They could be attributes he has, memories of amazing adventures you've had together, or photos with captions. You can keep adding to the jar so that it is jam-packed full of love letters for him to look at.

4. Clothing: If you have been together for a little while and you are confident you could shop for your man, then clothing is a great option as a gift - especially graphic print t shirts. You can make the choice really personal to his taste, and he'll be really impressed that you've listened to him talk about his favourite band/TV show/film.

5. Books: Again, this gift idea will depend on how long you two have been together and how well you know his tastes. Even if you aren't sure what to go for, you can go in to your local bookshop and ask the staff what their recommendations would be. Keep a look out for book-signing events that may be happening in your area from authors he may like, or go to antique book shops or fairs and look out for a really rare book he may enjoy looking at. Then sit back and watch him smell the musty, aged scent of the pages, or cheekily flip to the back to read the ending.

PS. You could also write a personal message of love in the front of the book to make it really sentimental.

6. A Watch: He may not be in to jewellery, but having a classic, timeless timepiece on his wrist could make him feel extra-chic and professional. Buying a watch for him doesn't necessarily have to be expensive. There are some great ones out there for really reasonable prices that will instantly add a little something extra to his office wear/everyday attire. He could even keep it as an accessory he brings out on special occasions when he wants to feel dapper.

Ps. Some shops will even have the option for you to get the watch engraved with a meaningful message.

7. Plan A Trip: It doesn't have to be anywhere fancy or overseas. It could be a night recreating where you first met, or had your first date, or knew you were in love. Or it could be simply sitting down together and planning a special trip for later in the year. Either way, it'll be an adventure you can go on together and create new, happy memories.

Let me know your plans/gift ideas for Valentine's Day this year in the comments.