Ginger's Fashion: Turning Twenty Seven

Last week, I turned the big 2-7!

I am now officially in my late 20s.

I always have mixed feelings when I know my birthday is coming up. One half of me is really excited to be getting older. With each year I feel more mature, wise....like I can conquer the world that little bit more. But on the other hand, getting older means more responsibility and more having to act like a grown up.....

...Even though I think I am quite mature, there are times when I still act like a big kid!

I had already had my big birthday night out on the 3rd January with the Boy, Sarah, & her other half (you can see my OOTN/FOTN post here.) So on my birthday, the Boy & I went out for a romantical dinner for two at our new-discovery of a restaurant - Yukti.

But not before I was woken up in the morning to the sound of party poppers and several whoops of glee from the Boy as I jumped out of my skin!

Because we were going out shortly after I got in from work, I wanted to keep my outfit quite simple. I picked up this skater dress from Primark a few weeks ago. It was a bargain at £5, and the shape is really flattering. Whenever Primark bring out a new design of skater dress, I go and pick one up straight away because they are so versatile.

I didn't want to do heels, but decided on a pair of wedged furry ankle boots I'd picked up from New Look in the Autumn. They have unbelievable grip, and are super-snuggly and comfortable. I haven't had a chance to wear them loads yet, but I can see them being my go-to boot when I'm looking for a "casual-but-you-can-dress-them-up" shoe.

Instagram: Gingerjax

Floral Skater Dress: Primark 
Dogtooth Coat: Primark 
Leggings: Dorothy Perkins 
Stacking Rings: H&M
Furry Boots (out of photo): New Look

This birthday was so amazing and special that I didn't want it to end. I'm already planning to have a "Queen Birthday" in July....exactly 6 months after my January birthday....so that I can keep up this excitement. 

Thank you to everybody who made my birthday so fabulous! 

If you would like to do a What I Got For My Birthday post, let me know in the comments below.

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