One-Handed Way To Make The Bed

At the end of last year, I decided I wanted to make a hair video on my YouTube channel...just different ways I have learnt how to easily style my hair for a general everyday look. 

After my enjoyment in making the video,and the reception it got, I decided it was time to do another "one-handed ways" video, this time on how I make the bed.

Making the bed was always something I found extremely difficult, but when I broke up with my ex a few years ago, I decided that there was no better time to find a way (we lived together, and this was usually his job.) 

I found a great deal of independence finding a way to do this myself, and if you are going off to university in September, hoping to move out, or even just want to tackle this too, then hopefully this video helps you.

You can do it!

Here are some extra hints if you're trying this for the first time: 

Bed Sheets

If you can, opt for a loose fitting sheet. None of this elasticated corners malarkey. The fitted sheets mean extra stress, whereas a loose sheet you can literally throw over the bed, and tuck in the corners/sides as you go along without having to be super-aligned with the mattress. 


Always try and use the bed frame to your advantage as much as possible. If you have a wrought bed frame like me, drape the duvet or duvet cover over the end and use this to help feed the cover on to the duvet or vice-versa (I do this in my video - click above for a more visual description.) I do find it easier to have the duvet cover hooked on to the sides of the bed rather than the duvet itself, but decided to switch round in the video to show what is - for me - the trickier option/

If you don't have a bed-frame to use, a set of chairs perching by either side of the end of your bed would work just as well.  Just use these to lay the duvet/duvet cover over and away you go.

If you are trying out doing this for the first time and used this video to help you, let me know how it went in the comments below.

Good luck! 

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