Ginger's Tips: Top 5 Tips For Living With Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

A few months ago, Boyfriend and I made the decision to live together. 
It wasn't something we took lightly. 
There were many conversations had in the lead up to the final decision to take the next step in our relationship.
For those of you who may be at the stage where you are ready/want to move in with your other half, here are my top 5 tips that I think are really important to remember when you live together for the first time - especially at the beginning of the process.
1. Compromise
Living together can be really fun, but also a bit stressful. 
If you disagree over something living-related, you need to find a compromise. Don't let issues linger otherwise it could end up in a full-blown row.
 It's also really important that you both feel ready to live together too, & make the time to talk about it before you move in so that you iron out any differences in lifestyle that may be there & find middle ground.... Even if it's just deciding what side of the bed to sleep on!
2. Communicate 
Communication is the most important part of a relationship - especially when you live together. 
You may come home stressed at work, be upset, or just need your own space. But if you don't be open, honest and talk about how you're feeling, it could get in the way of your relationship and tension will rise in the house/flat. Share what is bothering or upsetting you and work together on how to solve/rectify the issue.
3. Give Each Other Space
Just because you live together it doesn't mean you need to spend 24/7 together. 
We all need our own space once in a while & it's important to keep this up when you're living with your other half. Don't forget your friends or to take time just for you. This will not only mean that both you and your other half get the time you need to do your own things, but it will also make the time you do spend together that extra bit more special. 
4. Work As A Team 
Homes mean housework. 
It shouldn't be up to one person to do everything. This is where points 1 & 2 come in. 
I know for us I'm in for longer than The Boy during the day so I take charge of most of the laundry & day to day bits but he does the bins because I HATE doing them. Housework should be shared so that one person in the relationship doesn't feel like they have be lumbered with everything to do. Particularly the more heavy-duty tasks like hoovering or mopping.
5. Enjoy It 
If you're moving in with your special girl/guy you're more than likely heard over heels in love. 
So enjoy it. 
It's a big step to take and if you're ready for it, embrace what a special time it is and don't take each other for granted just because you see each other everyday. Let the time you have at home be happy and chilled. Don't bring outside stresses into your relationship. 
And remember, it's good to talk. 
And laugh.
I also asked The Boy for his perspective on moving in together...
"Just because you're living together doesn't mean you have to stop trying. You should continually seduce your parter: Cook meals....run your partner a bath..... Be thoughtful & do special things to show how much you care."
Are you thinking of moving in with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Or have you just moved in with your other half?
Leave any questions/tips you have in the comments below.


  1. Awesome tips, especially loving Boys input here, you've got to keep that spark alive in the relationship! Make sure you still have a 'date night', go away for weekends, all the little things you did when you first started going out - keep doing them, keep falling in love with each other!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. Even the little things make a difference, like switching the kettle on in the morning so you can have a cup of tea/coffee.... You can't forget about each other just because you live together :) x

  2. Found your blog via the blog hop! :)
    I really like these tips. Me and my boyfriend have started talking about living together, once I manage to find a new job. These tips will definitely help out with that process!

    The Girly Gamer

    1. I'm really glad you liked them. It is such an amazing time and I hope all goes well & you enjoy it :) x