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Tailor Made Massage Lush

As part of my Christmas present from Boyfriend, I received a voucher for a Tailor Made Massage at the Lush Spa in Liverpool. I naturally carry a lot of tension in my back, neck and shoulders due to my posture, and have been in need of a good massage for a long time now, so you can imagine my absolute delight when I found that hidden amongst my other wonderful gifts. 

Plus, I am a HUGE Lushie, so any excuse I have to go back in to Lush is a bonus. 

I have been to the Lush Spa twice before for The Comforter (you can read my review of the treatment here) and have bought the Tailor Made for both Boyfriend and one of my other good friends before, so had a general idea of what the treatment would entail. But still, as I walked in to the spa ready for my massage I was filled with that sense of wonderment and anticipation again.

My massage therapist Emily, sat me down and offered me a glass of water as I filled in the consultation form. She answered any questions I had, and we discussed where I needed the focus to be on. Having such a calm and cheerful massage therapist put me instantly at ease.... I'm not going to lie, the thought of somebody working out my knotty back was making me feel a little anxious.  

The first thing we did after filling in the consultation form was go over the several options of massage bar there were for the treatment. 

I decided to go for the Hottie massage bar. Yes. I was mainly tempted because it looked like a giant bar of bubbly chocolate, but it also smelt delicious too. For an intense treatment like the Tailor Made I didn't want to go for too potent a scent. Hottie had a definitive smell to it (a combination of spicy and creamy,) but it wasn't over-powering. 

Emily then explained what the treatment would entail, going through how she would work on any areas of extreme tension and "knotti-ness." She made it clear that at any point, if she was applying too much pressure, I should tell her, and she would make sure I was comfortable. 

Emily then produced a Big Blue bath bomb, plopping it in to a jug. Immediately billowing clouds of delicious- smelling steam erupted in front of us. Emily showed me in to the treatment room, emptied the jog in to a box under the massage table, and left me to get ready for the treatment surrounded in lashings of Big Blue dry ice lapping at my legs. 

As with The Comforter treatment, I was given plenty of time to get ready. Because Emily was going to focus on my back and shoulders, I was able to keep my leggings and socks on. Once I was nice and comfortable tucked under the blanket, I called Emily back using the little hand bell left for me on a table next to the massage table. 

And so began my descent into a dream-like state. As soon as the massage began, hushing wave noises and softly-playing sea shanties kissed my ears.

As with The Comforter, the massage was so well choreographed to the music that it felt more like a dance. And because I grew up in a house where sea shanties were plated on a regular basis (Papa Ginger has a very folk-y taste in music,) I found myself humming (quietly) along to some of the melodies. 

Tailor Made Massage Lush
Sorry for the blurriness again....but I love the way the bed was lit so had to get a picture!

The rocking and rolling motions Emily used on my back during the massage really did make me feel like I was floating out to sea. And what I really appreciated was that she made sure that at all times I was comfortable. This was never an issue. I was so comfortable that my left arm - which is normally so stiff - was dancing about to the music!

30 minutes seemed to fly by, and, after the massage was over, I was given time to relax, and then get ready at my own pace. Which was important. After every massage I have been to at Lush I have been so relaxed my legs have turned to jelly. Getting ready in a rush is not an option.

When I finally came out of the treatment room and in to the country kitchen area of the spa, Emily was waiting for me with a smile and a cup of tea. 

"Would you like some rum in it?" I was asked. 

Who could resist? 

Emily also handed over the Hottie massage bar and explained hat I could take it home with me so into my handbag it went. What a lovely additional extra!

A cup of tea with a shot of rum, cheery chit-chat with Emily and two biscuits later and it was time to say goodbye to the Lush Spa again.

I want to say "thank you" to Boyfriend for giving me the gift of Lush and Tailor Made. And to Emily for being a kind and conscientious massage therapist. I enjoyed the treatment so much that I am already thinking about going back again. For anybody who suffers from tension, is susceptible to knots, or just needs 30 minutes of relaxation, I can't recommend the Tailor Made massage enough. It's not just a massage, it's an experience.
Ps: Tailor Made retails for £40.00. Fir further details on the treatment, or any other Lush spas have to offer, click here

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