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Just Add Ginger

The minute I booked my The Comforter massage at the Lush Spa in Liverpool that I would not regret it. I have always been a HUGE Lush fan. I think they're products smell simply phenomenal, and leave my skin feeling nourished and loved. I am a dedicated fan of their bath bombs and bubble bars...I have to practice great restraint every time I head into a Lush store. I would happily buy everything in sight, but I don't think my purse would forgive me! 

The new Lush Spa & Shop in Liverpool opened in December 2012. I knew for the first few months that it would be crazy busy there, so I tried to hold out as long as my willpower would let me before booking a treatment. But, a week or so ago, I just decided to go for it. It's half term this week, and I really felt like having a pamper on a weekday...even though I have time off, it still feels deliciously naughty! 

I was in no doubt about what treatment to choose. As a massive choc-o-holic, the idea of being part of a massage treatment that involved a hot chocolate scrub was just too irresistible. 

When I walked into the new shop this morning, I was really delighted. The downstairs space is lovely. Beautiful displays of Lush products fill the room, and there is lots of space to browse. The staff were absolutely lovely (as always), and I even got a (much needed, and appreciated) coffee while I wanted to be called upstairs for my massage. I immediately felt very looked after. 
As soon as I was taken upstairs, it felt like I was stepping into a country cottage. The waiting area is reminiscent of a rustic, farmhouse kitchen, with a long wooden table in the middle. It doesn't feel like a waiting area at all. It's very calming, and immediately puts you at ease! My massage therapist - Leone - sat me down, and offered me a drink as I filled out the consultation form. She sat with me and chatted to me, which I thought was lovely. It really felt like she cared about my enjoyment of the treatment, and answered all the questions I had. Leone put me immediately at ease, and I could tell that she really believed in the Lush products used in the treatment. 

Just Add Ginger

(I did ask her for some info on the products. It's all well and good me saying what they were, but with more info, I knew I could be more informed about the properties.)

Hot Chocolate Scrub
Melted down in from a bar and presented in a cup. It resembles hot chocolate - and smells like it too! The scrub contains Raw Cacao, which gives the scrub its delicious chocolaty smell. It also helps to nourish the skin. Ground Aduki beans help gently exfoliate the skin, and Tamarind softens the skin, working alongside the cacao. 

Rose Serum
Smells divine! It contains Argan Oil, Lime, Rose Clay and Tamarind. All the ingredients together work to nourish and brighten the skin. The clay absorbs excess oil, and hydrates the skin, and the lime helps to brighten the skin. Argon oil and tamarind nourish the skin, and leave it feeling super soft. 

Just Add Ginger

My treatment room was incredible. There was a purply/pinky hue that filled the room, and everywhere you looked, there were candles. Lights filled the ceiling space, and looked like stars hovering in a night sky. Gentle music played in the background. I got ready for the treatment, and lay down on the massage table (well...bed really!) It was like being tucked in. The mattress was made of memory foam, and I was covered up by a soft, fluffy duvet. When I was prepped and ready for the treatment, I was able to call Leone back using a little hand bell. This did feel a bit strange to me - like I was summoning a servant, but I can see how it adds to the calming atmosphere of the treatment. 

Just Add Ginger

 The treatment started with the hot chocolate scrub. An eye pillow was placed on my face to help with the relaxation process, then each limb was taken out from the duvet, one by one, and the scrub was applied (including on my chest). The scrub smelt beautiful, and filled my nostrils with delicious hits of chocolate. The scrub wasn't too abrasive, and I could really feel it working. It made my limbs buzz with happiness. That is the best way I can describe it. I was also really impressed that Leone worked around my left arm and leg - new situations, particularly where I need to be still, can really make me tense (Yes - I was not good at Sleeping Lions when I was younger), but she really took into consideration what I said and worked with that so I felt comfortable. The music helped too...nostalgic music of times gone by. I caught myself smiling a few times when there was a tune I recognised. 

After the scrub was applied, it was lightly massaged into my skin over a sheet, then removed using hot mitts. Only ever one part of your body at a time is out in the open, keeping the rest of you nice and cosy. The rose serum was applied to my skin after the scrub was removed, and then the massage began again, this time, directly on to my skin. And it was amazing. I could feel the tension leave my body as the massage went on - particularly from my left arm. 

After this process was completed on my front, I turned over, and it started again. And this is when the bubbles began. Yes. Yes. You heard me right.....


Just Add Ginger

By the time I was laying on my front, I almost felt like I was going to fall asleep! I had to keep forcing myself to open my eyes to stop myself from nodding off. The whole treatment, but particularly the massage, was incredibly relaxing. The rose scent from the serum and the bubbles really helped to calm me further, and I started to feel like I was floating on a cloud! The massage was well choreographed to the music, and was very smooth - like a dance. It was seamless, which I think added to the relaxation. There were no hidden surprises, or loud noises, or disruptions to the treatment. It flowed from stage to stage beautifully. 

After the treatment was over, I was given time to relax and get changed, and then came out back into the kitchen. Sitting on the table waiting for me was a drink....A cocktail of sparking water and rose syrup, which, when poured over candyfloss, created a tiny glass of pink heaven. By this point, I felt so relaxed I could barely move. I felt like I was having an out of body experience and floating on a cloud. Again, as at the start, Leone sat with me and chatted to me as I drank. It felt so personal, and almost like I was talking to a friend, not somebody I had just met. 

I cannot sing the praises of this treatment enough. It is absolutely spectacular, and so relaxing. Lush have really put a lot of thought into all their treatments. I know that The Comforter was designed to help remind us not to take life too seriously, and it definitely took me to a special happy place of nostalgia and pure relaxation. 

I would just add one little side note. Getting this treatment during Lent when you've given up chocolate is very treacherous  You leave smelling so gorgeous that you're going to want to eat yourself. I walked back to the car with my hands glued to my nose, and I think I got some really funny looks. 

I will definitely be heading back to Lush in the future. In The Comforter, I've made a friend for life!

The Comforter is £65.00. For more info about this treatment, and others Lush Spas have to offer, head here

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