25 (More) Facts About Me

I really enjoyed writing my "25 Facts" post a week ago. So much so, that I decided to make it a two-parter and do another post of "25 Facts". There's something really cathartic about sharing random facts on you, my little blog. 

1) I tried to be a vegetarian once, but it only lasted 24 hours. I missed eating meat too much! 

2) I never had any after school detentions.

3) My feet are the most ticklish part of my body. 

4) I once got chased round a farm by a turkey. 

5) Shellfish really freak me out... Why would you want to eat something that's looking at you from your plate?! 

6) In 6th form, I was a school prefect. 

7) Shredding paper really de-stresses me. 

8) I have a birthmark on my leg which I think looks a bit like a map of England. 

9) Doing the housework always takes longer than I hope because I just end up dancing around to music.

10) I have a think about black pepper. Sometimes, when I've finished a meal, I'll pour extra on to my plate and eat it with a spoon. 

11) Although I'm really talkative a lot of the time, if I'm tired (or hungover), I go really quiet. 

12) My favourite piece of classical music is "Fairytale" by Ludovico Einaudi. 

13) I am short sighted and astigmatic. 

14) One of my best friends I've known for 21 years. 

15) My first car was called Elmo. 

16) I have a stupidly over-active imagination. 

17) I dream almost every night, and I can still remember some of the dreams I had years ago.

18) I cry really easily watching films/TV shows. 

19) I am extremely stubborn, and find it really difficult to ask for help.

20) I love cuddles. 

21) When I was in year 6, I was the princess at my village's summer fair. 

22) I don't really like my legs. 

23) The noise bones make when people crack their knuckles REALLY freaks me out! 

24) I'm not a huge fan of my legs and am really self-conscious about them. I always wear tights when I wear a skirt or dress. 

25) The very first thing I do in the morning is switch the kettle on. I can't function without a coffee!

Ginger x

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