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Ahhh...you can feel it, can't you? The smooshie-wooshie lovey-dovey icky-sticky feeling in the air that February brings? 

If, like me, you haven't had a Valentine in a while, and you're feeling a bit down in the dumps because every time you walk in a shop there is a huge display of cards showing you how much Valentine's Day is a cultural institution, then FEAR NOT!!! 

You are forgetting a vital piece of information. 

Valentine's Day is about L.O.V.E. And that my friends, means any kind of love! 

Valentine's Day should be about celebrating the love we do have in our lives, not mourning the love we don't.  

And it all starts with self-love, because, well, if you don't got love for yourself, then you can't expect anybody else to....ya feel me?! (er...yeah. I'm never saying THAT again.) 

Be Your Own Valentine: This time of year is the perfect opportunity to spoil yourself silly. It doesn't have to be in a huge or extravagant way. It's all about making you feel good. Whether it's treating yourself to a bunch of your favourite flowers, indulging in a really naughty 3 course meal for one, or running yourself a bubble bath and pouring a big glass of your favourite tipple to drink in it. Take this time to think about number 1, and to remember just how awesome you are. We are all unique, and we all need to embrace that and love the things that make us quirky and special, and us

Give Love To Your Friends/Family: V Day is a great time to remember that there are people in our lives who do love us for who we are...whether it's friends, or family. Take the time to show the people you care about just how much they mean to you. Send a text to a friend you haven't spoken to in a while, call your best friend for a chat, suggest a family meal together, or even just call on a neighbour to see how they're doing. People really appreciate the little things in every day life, and reaching out a hand to somebody can mean a lot. 

Think About The Big Picture: If there has been a dark cloud in your life recently, now's the chance to blow it away and see the sunshine. In my post about Turning A Corner, I wrote about how I felt I was stuck in a bit of a rut, but got myself out of it. And now's the time to do the same. Mend a friendship that might be broken, Do something that you know you should have done ages ago, but have been putting it off. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel not having so much hanging over you! 

Remember: Okay, I'm not going to lie. This is something I find extremely hard to write about because I'm not very good at it myself, and it makes me sad! If you have experienced love of any kind in the past, and lost it, now is a time to remember it, look back on it, and embrace how much you have grown as a person since then. All our experiences in life shape us to the people we become, and we grow with every mistake, achievement, loss and gain we have. Think on times past with an open mind and open heart. Look through old precious photos to remember all the love that has been in your life, and be thankful love was there. If you need to cry, let it out, because holding back those tears will only make you feel worse (let me be the first to tel you, when I know I need to cry, I run myself a bath, light some candles, and just cry, where I know nobody can hear me, and afterwards, I feel SO much better!) 

Look To The Future: Look to the future with happiness and hope. Think about all the things you want to achieve, and start making them happen, even if you take baby steps. Don't be afraid to go after what you want, and always believe that after every thunderstorm comes a blue sky! 

Be Brave: If there is somebody you've been thinking of lately, now's the perfect opportunity to tell them! Don't keep it inside - let that person know they've been on your mind. And, if you're feeling a bit shy or scared, send a Valentine's card to that person. They don't have to know who it's from, but it might strike an inkling in them, and will make you feel just that tad braver! You never know....telling them may make them realise they've been feeling something too!? (Oooooo!!!)

...And if you are spending Valentine's Day with a special person, don't forget to show them how special they are to you. Treat them like the prince/princess that they are! But don't just leave it for Valentine's Day. We all need to show the ones we love just how much they mean to us and how lucky we are to have them in our lives. 

Because, at the end of the day - call me a Romantic - Love is beautiful!! 

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