Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

If you live in the UK, Father's Day is only just around the corner (next weekend) and if you're still trying to think about what you can get your dad for his special day, or lacking in an inspiration, I have compiled a few gift ideas for you to think about. 

I've always been a strong believer that buying gifts should be a really personalised experience for the recipient. You may have to think for a while about what they will appreciate the most, but there will always be something - no matter how big or small a gift - that will fill them full of joy. 

Papa Ginger, for example, has always been an appreciator of a fine beer. He scoffs all the time (along with Boyfriend) at my beers of choice. Treating him to a pint glass like the one above, particularly one with a funny message, would be something I think he'd really enjoy. 

If you are feeling in more a creative mood, making or customising a gift always adds a really personalised and meaningful touch. It doesn't have to be anything huge. How about selecting a few of your favourite photos of you and your dad and displaying them in a frame? Or if you like to express your creative side, find your sketching pencils, paints or pastels and create your own masterpiece. One of my sketches is up on the wall in PG's study, and knowing it's up there and he enjoys it so much really fills me with a warm fuzzy feeling. 

Does your dad always start the day with his hot drink of choice? How about an upgrade on his tea/coffee-making device? It can be a bit more of a pricey gift, but if you know it is something he will appreciate and use daily, you will definitely get bank for your buck. Before you know it, he'll be a barista in training!

They may seem like very traditional gifts, but I quite like the nostalgic-feel of giving the gift of a tie or dressing gown. Maybe it's because I love to lounge around in mine so much, or maybe it's because deep inside I'm a little Ginger Granny who loves to be cosy all the time. Either way, if your dad's dressing gown looks as though it's seen better days, or he works in a job where he needs to war a tie, treating him to some new apparel could be the perfect gift. There are some really, really lovely colours, styles and designs out there to suit all price ranges. Finding a luxurious looking tie or dressing gown will help your dad feel very much like the dapper superhero. 

Papa Ginger doesn't drive, but if your dad does, how about an experience day driving a fast car? He will feel like James Bond/ an F1 star in the making. I know that if you're in the UK, Red Letter Days & Buyagift offer a range of experiences to choose from (I've used Buyagift in the past.) From Supercars, to tanks, to adventure days gal;ore. If your dad is a bit of a daredevil, an experience day will definitely get that adrenalin pumping. And if it's something you can do together, it'll be a marvellous way to create new memories! 

If you are a GoT addict, please raise your hand. Yep. Me too. And I am not ashamed. If your papa is a Game of Thrones devotee too, then why not treat him to a series boxset or two. That way he can re-live his favourite episodes....Especially in the long wait that there usually is between seasons. They do like to keep us wanting more, don't they?

Personalised gifts are one of my most favourite things to shop for. Something that is quite an ordinary gift can be instantly given a sentimental touch by adding a special message, quote or date. Two of my favourite ideas for dads (aside from the beer glass) are a good watch, or a keyring. A lovely-looking timepiece with a little message personal to you and your dad will always have special meaning, and the keyring option he will see every time he goes open the car or unlock the house. With so many different choices, and price ranges out there, you can really go to town creating a very special gift.

What are you getting your dad this year/? Any other cool ideas, share them in the comments below.


  1. Car mats. Dad wants car mats lol. Practical gift but not the most exciting thing for me to go out and buy!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. Car mats! Dad wants car mats! Practical gift but not much fun for me to go out and buy!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. My Dad doesn't drive so car mats wouldn't be as greatly appreciated. Anything to do with nature, an interesting new ale or cheese and he's there with bells on though!