South Beach Bloggers Event

 Photo Credit: Rachel @ Times2Style

Photo Credit (main & bottom photo) Rachel @ Times2Style

Last week, myself and the gorgeous Rachel from Times2Style headed into Manchester to attend the South Beach Bloggers Event, which was held at Lola's Cocktail Lounge, in the city's northern quarter. One of my favourite parts of being a blogger is meeting & getting to know so many lovely bloggers, so when I heard about the event, I was uber-excited. 

It has really only been in the last year or so that I have gotten back in to the idea of donning a swimming costume and going to the beach again. I am not the most confident when it comes to flashing the flesh in a bikini, and am always on the lookout for pretty swimming costumes and cover-ups that I can put on to help me feel beach-ready. 

So imagine my delight when, out of the corner of my eye, I began to spot the two colourful racks of South Beach's swim, beach, and lounge wear. Colourful beach bags and sexy shorts hung from the trees and decorated the seating area. Lola's was the perfect place for the event because stepping inside was like going to your favourite beach bar. And together with the delicious custom cocktails, I was instantly in Summer-mode. 

South Beach went absolutely all-out to make this event as colourful and fun-filled as possible. There were amazing beach-themed cakes we could tuck in to, free manicures, bar snacks, a photo area with beach-themed props ready for us bloggers to strike our best poses, and.....wait for it....a piƱata! Yes, you heard me right everybody. How darn cool is that? 

What I loved so much about the South Beach collection is that there was something there for everybody, and every piece was detailed, bright and pretty. The bikinis were all stunning, with various colours and styles to suit all of our sexy skin tones. And the one-pieces were just as pretty. I don't know about you ladies but sometimes I find it really hard to find swimming costumes that are just as gorgeous as the bikinis I see. Just because we may not feel confident or comfortable enough to wear a bikini all the times, it doesn't mean we don't want to look and feel like a sexy summer goddess, does it? South Beach showcased a range of swimsuits and bikinis that really made me smile inside. Not only were there beautiful bikinis, but also choices with a more vintage-inspired style, with high-waisted shorts and longer line tops. And the swimsuits were just as sexy.

I was immediately drawn to this pretty little number (The Caroline Low Back Frill Swimsuit.) I loved it because it gives the front full-coverage, but the back dips lower.The frills look like they would hang in a really flattering way too. When I saw it I knew that wearing it, I'd feel like a Bond Girl. 

The atmosphere at the event was amazing. We all mingled and giggled and oogled at the awesome array of swim and beach wear South Beach showed us. 

I even had a go at helping to make my own cocktail....Let's just say being a mixologist is not on the cards for my future.

Photo Credit: Rachel @Times2Style
Rachel and I had an amazing time at the event, and it was so lovely to spend time mingling with lots of lovely blogging ladies. We were all so well looked-after and spoilt, and the goody bags we got to take home with us were so generous. Rachel and I were in awe getting the train back home. 

Thank you to South Beach for putting on a really fun and enjoyable event, and to Lola's and the staff for adding to the atmosphere. If you're looking to indulge in some sexy swimwear for the summer, definitely give South Beach a look. 

Did I mention how affordable it is too? 

For more information on South Beach, or to look at all the gorgeous things they have, go to: 

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