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Zoella Beauty Review

If you read this blog post back in October, you will know that I made a few cheeky purchases from the Zoella Beauty range. I wanted to show my support for the YouTube & Blogging community and pick up just a few bits to see what Zoe's line is all about. In Part One , I did a review on Fizz Bar, and now it is the turn of Blissful Mistful - the fragranced body mist. 

Zoella Beauty review

Firstly, let's talk about the packaging. Isn't it adorable? Following a similar design to the Fizz Bar, the polla-dotted bottle is quintessentially Zoella, and appeals to me greatly. The choice of using a glass bottle makes the body mist feel really luxurious and much more expensive. I think the choice of a square bottle is really chic, and the rose-gold coloured lid is a really elegant and feminine touch. It appeals to me as a woman in my late twenties, and I think it definitely appeals to teenagers too.The really simplistic design definitely looks very grown up. 

The scent of Blissful Mistful is exactly the same as Fizz Bar -fresh, floral and ever-so-slightly citrus-sy. I prefer the scent a lot more in the body mist form, because, every time I have use it, it immediately makes me feel refreshed. It's one of those scents I always go to if I feel I need a little refreshing pick-me-up. 

Does the formula of Blissful Mistful have lasting power? No. Not really. Am I disappointed? A little bit. Who doesn't like a perfume or body spray that once spritzed on your skin lasts all day? One of the reasons I left so long in between Zoella Beauty reviews is because I really wanted to give the body mist a chance. I used it as a day perfume, a night perfume, and to the gym (for road testing and sweaty BO control!) Don't get me wrong, I think the body mist is really versatile, and the scent is suitable for a variety of occasions, but pretty much as soon as I sprayed it on my skin, the smell would disappear. Now, to be fair, I don't know if Blissful Mistful is designed to be a fragrance that lasts all day, but I don't think anything is meant to fade that quickly. On my clothes, it's a different story, and the scent of the body mist lasts for ages. Boyfriend has commented a few times on how nice it smells when he's sitting next to me and catches a whiff, and when I tell him what it is, he is really surprised. 

So. Would I buy Blissful Mistful again? If I was 10 years younger, maybe, but as a twenty-seven year old I think I'm a bit out of the demographic to really appreciate the product. I think if you're a teenager girl, or woman in your early twenties, and looking for a boy spray/perfume hybrid. Ten plus years ago, when I was so excited to find a body mist or body spray that rivalled my all-time favourite Impulse fragrances it would be perfect. But now, Id rather save my pennies and save up for a higher end perfume that has a more mature and long-lasting scent. I think I'm just beyond the body mist phase (unless I'm leaving the gym of course.)  I also think that the price tag is just a little too steep. Don't get me wrong, my bottle is sitting next to me and I have loads left, but if I was younger, and this potentially the only fragrance I owned, I think it would vanish far too fast to justify money. 

To summarise, I think I am just too old to appreciate what Blissful Mistful has to offer. However, I think this would make an ideal gift for a teenage relative for the upcoming festive season. 

If you have tried Blissful Mistful, what did you think? Have you tried any of the other Zoella Beauty products?

Psst...... If you want to learn more about the Zoella beauty range, you can find products on Superdrug.com or FeelUnique.com (the links will take you straight to the Zoella Beauty range.)

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