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Poize Salon - Just Add Ginger

Poize Salon - Just Add Ginger

Poize Salon - Just Add Ginger

Poize Salon - Just Add Ginger

I am a sucker for a good pamper. It's a time that I can focus completely on myself, forget all of my worries, and let waves of tranquillity and calm wash over me. So when I received an invitation to head down to Poize - a hair and beauty salon recently opened on West Derby Road in Liverpool - I was really excited. 

Stepping into Poize is like stepping in to a girlie wonderland. Adorned in pink and black décor, the salon immediately promises that escapism in to a place of total pamper-time away from the outside world that I'm sure a lot of us crave. It is a hub of all things hair and beauty, and I think it's absolutely fabulous. 

The staff welcomed me so warmly, and chatted to me as I handed over my coat and filled out a contact card. I'd decided to go for a back/neck/shoulder massage, so was led by my masseuse Steph up a set of stairs that led to an upstairs area.  

I was delighted by the décor upstairs just as much as I had been downstairs. The pink and black theme continued, with flickering candles dotted around the room. A wall mounted fire was placed directed opposite the massage table, keeping the room toasty warm but not sweltering, and a gentle hum of music played in the background. Although Poize is directly on a main road, upstairs, you couldn't hear any of it.

Steph made me feel completely comfortable and at ease, taking in to account my skin sensitivities and being wholly accommodating when I spoke to her about comfort issues concerning my left arm. Her attentiveness put me completely at ease, and as she let me get ready for the massage and I clambered on to the bed, I breathed a huge sigh of contentment, and completely relaxed. 

Now, I'm not going to lie to you, since some of my experiences of massages in the past (one in particular,) I can be incredibly critical, fussy and picky. So believe me when I tell you this..... that the massage I received at Poize was one of the most relaxing, beneficial and enjoyable massages I have ever had. And that's saying something. The massage was choreographed to perfection to the music, and ebbed and flowed over my skin without a break in the relaxing spell it had cast upon me. Once or twice I could sense myself dozing off and had to stop myself for fear of snoring. 

When the massage was over, Steph let me get ready in my own time and offered me a glass of water. I felt so relaxed I was nearly floating on a cloud. I got changed, and sipped my water through a pink straw as Steph explained how important it was to ensure I drank lots more water during the day. My skin felt sensational from the grapefruit oil she had used on me, and the stubborn area on my right shoulder which is so susceptible to knots felt incredibly loose. After a quick chat with the staff downstairs I floated back to my car in a bit of a daze. 

Poize offer a wide variety of treatments. From massages to spray tans to nails to hair to make up there is something for everyone's hair and beauty needs. The salon is just a short distance out of the city centre too so very handy to get to. 

Would I go back to Poize again? Oh yes

* I was kindly invited down to Poize to enjoy a treatment free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and 100% my own. 

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