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Yukti Liverpool - Just Add Ginger

Yukti Liverpool - Just Add Ginger

Yukti Liverpool - Just Add Ginger

Yukti Liverpool - Just Add Ginger

Yukti Liverpool - Just Add Ginger

It was about a week or so ago that Boyfriend and I discovered that one of our favourite restaurants, Yukti, was putting on a menu to celebrate Global Scouse Day. Well, of course we had to book ourselves in for a little date night and see what it was all about didn't we? Now I've only ever had a bowl of Scouse once, so my mind was completely open about what to expect, but Boyfriend is a bit of a Scouse fiend, so both of us waited with baited breath to see what Yukti had to offer us. 

We knew that it was going to be a bit of a feast, so made sure we ate only little during the day. When it comes to our visits to Yukti, we don't hold back on ordering food because it is all so delicious. We knew instantly that we would be ordering the Global Scouse Day menu, but couldn't help ourselves and ordered a non-vegetarian platter to share as well 

After diving in to our poppadoms and pre-starter (which was a little bite-sized piece of heaven,) we tucked in to our platter. I could not fault anything! The chicken was soft and succulent, the lamb was meaty and beautifully spiced, and the salmon - which was by far my favourite - just melted when I touched it with my fork. It was the perfect way to whet our appetites, and the accompanying sauces worked brilliantly. The purple sauce - which I think may have been beetroot - married sublimely with the meat and the fish. It was the perfect size starter for the both of us, and after we'd cleared the plate, we couldn't wait for our mains to arrive.

When our mains arrived, Boyfriend's eyes lit up with excitement. This was the moment we had been waiting for....when Indian food met Scouse....was it going to work? Would the balance be right? Whereas these excitement-fuelled questions filled my head, Boyfriend just dived in to the dishes. I followed, my stomach growling. 

And oh. My. Goodness was it beautiful. Beautiful, but - at least for me - hot! Which wasn't unwelcome. My pallet is nowhere near the spice-tolerance level of Boyfriend's but it is getting there, and the main Scouse-fusion dish was just on the comfortable side of hot for me. It just meant I had to take my time. If you are not used to spicy food, or do not like it, then it may have been too much to handle. But for us, it was perfect. The chunks of beef was tender and melt-in-the-mouth, and the tomato sauce was hearty, and jam-packed full of vegetables. I knew that the chef had been nursing the curry for hours beforehand, and you could tell. All of the flavours came together and were absolutely beautiful. And the beetroot side dish with its subtle sweetness complemented the spice of the curry to perfection. The garlic naan bread was great to have as something to dip in to the curry sauce. Ooo... just thinking about it all now my mouth is watering! 

I'm going to be honest...All the dishes combined were a little big for me. I think its because Boyfriend and I are in to such a good "three square meals" a day routine now. But I had to leave some of the curry and side dishes. Boyfriend gobbled up ever last mouthful with relish, and was so excited about the meal that it was all he could talk about. Even though I couldn't finish it all, the Scouse curry was a big hit with both of us! 

I have to give a mention of the wine we chose as well. Because the meat in the curry was beef, Boyfriend picked out a bottle of red for us to have with the meal. Now I am rubbish with describing wine notes, but believe me when I tell you that this one was absolutely delicious. It had a great balance of spice, with a little hit of sweetness as an after-taste that really reminded me of chocolate (almost similar to the wine we had at Bistro Jacques on Valentine's Day.)

Even though I was ready to burst, I just had to order my favourite dessert...I always go for the same thing every time because I just love it. The dark chocolate and raspberry hits all the right spots for me, and after a hot curry, was the most amazing way to calm my taste buds down. It was so chocolate-y and rich and delicious that I think it lasted all of ten seconds before I devoured it, leaving only one small bit on my plate because no matter how much I wanted to, I just couldn't fit any more food in. 

Our Global Scouse Day meal at Yukti was a fantastic success, and both Boyfriend and I loved everything that was on the menu. Yukti worked really hard to blend two different dishes and that hard work really paid off. Boyfriend could not sing the food's praises enough to the staff, and I really, really hope that the menu is back next year! 

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