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I've never really been one to say "no" to things. Growing up I've been a stubborn old goat and have found it difficult to pass tricky things off as impossible. Granted that some of my choices have been a bit scary (scaling a 200ft gorge in Australia one handed was probably the biggest.) I just refuse to take no for an answer. There's always a way around something that from the outlook might seen unachievable. 

So, when I got to my late twenties and still hadn't gotten round to finding out how to do my hair one-handed, I thought "Right, that's it." It was time to sort it out, sit down, have a big old think, and play around with how I could make this happen. 

And so, my One-Handed Ways series was born. With each new hairstyle I tackle, I share a video showing the technique I use. Being a girlie-girl, finding new ways to do my hair is incredibly empowering. It really sets my feeling of independence aflame, and it is always my hope that my tutorials help inspire others out there who may struggle a bit doing their hair too.

The latest in this series is revisiting the hairstyle that probably took me the longest to figure out. High ponytails are such a hand style to have in your arsenal, and I think I have nailed the one-handed technique for doing them now.

If you watch this video and find it helpful - or know someone who will - please pass it on. It is my dream to help inspire others to claim independence and empower as many people as I can. 

Because, the way I see it, if we just believe, where there's a will there will always be a way.
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