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bee on purple flower

wild flowers and pond


scarecrow in garden at national wildlife centre

garden shed at national wildife centre

church in liverpool

hot pub food

It seems so long since I put fingers to keys and updated you all on how life in my Just Add Ginger-y world has been going. And I'm sorry. If you caught this vlog from my YouTube channel that I uploaded a few weeks ago, hopefully you'll know why. But now I am back, better, and ready to return to my blogger-self! 

My parents are up visiting for a couple of days, and, because we are a family who are always itching for a good outing, today was spent looking at wild blooms at the National Wildflower Centre, sipping hot chocolates, and catch-ups with friends over food. 

The wild flowers at the centre were beautiful, so, iPhone in hand I quickly snapped a few shots of the blooms. There's something so therapeutic about being out amongst nature, standing, and just watching the world go by. It's a little pocket of time that is completely yours, and no matter what you are going through, it really helps you realise just how big and beautiful our world truly is. 

After a wander around the wild flowers and a quick stop at the cafe for a hot chocolate, we headed to the Childwall Abbey Hotel for a bite to eat, and a catch up with a friend of my parents. I was trying to be good, so ordered a frittata, which, was delicious, but I've just scoffed ten chocolates, so any healthy points I scored for that lunch just got flushed down the loo. (Totally worth it though!)

What have you been up to today? 

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