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Around this time ast year, Boyfriend and I, together with his mum and sister, took ourselves off one sunny Autumn Sunday to a wedding fayre at Formby Hall. By this point, I think we had decided on a few things in terms of what we wanted but smaller details - like our wedding stationary - hadn't really received much attention. 

But as soon as we saw The Lost Penguin stand at the wedding fair, I knew I had made up my mind. I may not have known exactly what I wanted, but a few things were for certain. I didn't want any fuss, and I wanted to try and support local businesses throughout the wedding planning process as much as possible. 

Corrine - who set up The Lost Penguin - could not have been more helpful throughout the whole process of ordering our wedding stationary. Once we had chosen the design we wanted, I sent her over an initial email with all my questions, and she soon got back to me, answering all of my questions, and reassuring my stressy side that we had made the right decision. We were even able to order sample invites at a small cost (£5.00 I think,) with details of our nuptials on it, so that we could actually see what our invites would eventually look like.

Fast-forward to late September. The time has come for us to order our invitations. With lots of overseas invites to send, and my lack of faith in the postal service, we gave ourselves ample time for things to arrive at their destinations. With just over five months to go before the wedding, but our numbers having to me in several weeks before the big day, time is running away with itself! I even went to the extent of double-stamping our UK invites to absolutely 100% make sure that they got to their intended destinations. Yeah....I'm so not paranoid!

After sitting down with Boyfriend for the umpteenth time, revising our guest list, and finalising numbers, I sent the order email through to The Lost Penguin. It was a nail-biting moment. Invites are a pretty big thing. It means everything is set in stone, the time is getting closer, and people will be showing up  to watch you get married. Emotions were definitely high as I sat there and clicked that "Send" button. 

Several more emails were sent back and forth confirming details and invite phrasing. At some points, I could feel myself being extra-picky, and was worried I'd come off like a raging Bridezilla, but Corinne tweaked everything that I asked to be altered, and made sure that I was 100% happy before the design was signed off to be printed. 

Waiting for that parcel to arrive was like waiting the birth of a child. I had expected the invites to take at least a few weeks to arrive, but I think in total - including the parcel waiting for us at the sorting office for a week - that everything was delivered in 10 days. And that is just amazing! 

At the time of writing this, not everyone has received their invites. Once they have, I will let you know which design we went for. But let me tell you, I could not have asked for anything more beautiful, or better suited to us as a couple. They are just us. So us. And even when we experienced one little hiccup with the order, The Lost Penguin could not have been more accommodating and understanding. Absolutely outstanding on the customer service front. 

If you planning a wedding up North, and thinking about ordering your wedding stationary, definitely give The Lost Penguin a look. They are super-attentive, the designs are beautiful, and there is something to suit all taste and wedding theme. Not only just offering invites, but with a large range of other wedding extras, I find myself trying to think of extra things we might need, just so I have an excuse to order something else. 


  1. You certainly made a great choice with your invites - I can confirm they are gorgeous and suit you two to a tee! You'll have to get one framed!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. Aw thank you - we don't actually have a spare left! Otherwise that would have been a great idea xx