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StarT Of Week Weight: 10st 5lbs

I thought that the first week of embarking on a pre-Christmas junk detox would be hell. If you read my initial Stoptober post, then you will know just how much I love my food. I thought I'd really miss all the very naughty, but oh-so delicious food I had been enjoying. and find not having the odd glass of wine or can of beer after work a little too much to bear, but actually, I'm rather proud of my progress this first week.

Before anybody reading this starts to worry, I will re-iterate that Stoptober is by no means an excuse for me to lose weight. (I've conquered my past demons, and I would never let them take me over again.) This for me is something I need to do. My wedding dress depends on it. I love Christmas too much to deny all its delights, but I simply cannot risk putting on weight at the weight I am now. There's only so much squashing of my bum cheeks one can do to get me in to my dress, and at the moment it is a comfortable - but ever so slightly snug - fit. 

The one thing that has proved the biggest issue has been breakfast. I am still finishing up a course of medication for indigestion (long story) but basically I cannot eat anything before I have to leave for work. So I've been munching on cereal bars at the train station whilst waiting to start my commute. This is fine, but I don't half miss my morning bowl of cereal and mug of coffee, I have to wait until I get into work at the moment until I can have my little cup of decaffeinated joy. 

Lunch is my most fun meal. I feel like I'm a child again. Packed away in my little lunch-box is a Dairylea and ham wrap, a bag of crisps, and a chocolate bar. This is enough to carry me through until tea usually, and is accompanied by ample glasses of water throughout the day. Sometimes I'll indulge in a second coffee whilst sitting at my desk, but that's only if I'm feeling especially indulgent. Fridays at work may start to be a problem. Everyone has started to bring in snacks and treats, but I have managed to curb the temptation to eat all the things, and have just picked at the odd few treats. Yes. This makes me very proud! 

Dinner has been the more substantial meal, with it having been most pasta this week. But by having something bigger, I've been able to kick my pudding habit. But if I've needed something sweet, I'e had a little of it. This has mostly been in Dark Chocomel and chocolate biscuit form, although yesterday I did treat myself to a pack of Reese's Pieces candy for whilst we were wedding invite addressing (the peanut butter obsession is still strong) BUT I still have loads left. The 'September Me' would not have looked twice to eat the whole box in one, but I had a few, and popped the rest very proudly back in to the cupboard. 

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End Of Week Weight: 10st 1lbs 

I weighed myself this morning to see if my Stoptober plan was having any effect...To my delight I was 4lbs down! This was good news, but not quite progress yet. 10st is a difficult weight for me to break, but I need to in order for those mountains of roast potatoes, lashings of gravy and eleven thousand mince pies over Christmas to be both totally justifiable and enjoyed. 

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