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Even though our wedding is just a few months away. Even though my many hours spent pinning wedding-related things has taught me I should be getting in to a good skincare routine. Even though I know I should try better. I am still a very lazy girl when it comes to skincare. Which is why I love a beauty product you don't need to have time and 100% every day dedication for you to see a result. 

I have been loving my ESPA Skincare products for so long because they really do suit my lack of time/energy to a multi-step skincare routine so well. Just look back through my blog posts over the past year and you'll see just how much I have loved everything I've tried. Which is why when they very kindly snt me a sample of their 24-Hour Replenishing Moisturiser to try, I was really excited. I love using the Optimal Skin Pro Moisturiser, and really noticed a lot of difference in the quality of my skin after using it, but whenever there's an opportunity to try something new, I have to grab it. I know I'm only going to love it just as much, or even more. 

The first thing that strikes you when you use any ESPA product is the scent, and this moisturiser is no different. Luxurious, comforting, and with warm, slightly spicy undertones that immediately tickle your nostrils and remind you of what it is like to be in a spa. The 24-Hour moisturiser is no different, and my mood was immediately made less frazzled as I crawled out of bed each morning, and applied a thin layer to my face. Just inhaling that scent brings about a calm in me. Whatever my day brings, I know I'll have well looked after skin, and a face that smells brilliant!

The consistency of the moisturiser is slightly lighter than the Pro, but still felt just as luxurious, melting in to my skin with ease, and making a great base for make up. Because I had a sample size to trial, I only used the moisturiser in the morning, but its lightweight quality would make it perfect for both day and night application. 

Even though I only had a small amount of the moisturiser to try, I did begin to notice a difference in my skin. It was smoother, slightly brighter, and just generally felt lovely. It sorted out my dry, scaly (such a sexy word) patches of skin, and in no way caused any sensetivity. It really is a lovely product to use. There is richness in the consistency, but it is lightweight enough to use twice a day and smells just divine! ESPA really never lets me down, and I would happily spend that little bit extra for the knowledge that I'm giving my skin exactly what it needs. 

*I was very kindly sent a sample of the 24-Hour Replenishing Moisturiser to trial. This in no way affects my opinion. They are completely informed by my experiences using the product and always 100% honest.

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