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2016 is officially here. Where did the past twelve months go? Looking back seems like such a blur, and I just know that 2016 is going to be the same. 

Now that it is January 1st, the time has come again to think about New Year Resolutions. I'm not planning on "giving up chocolate" or "only having a glass of prosecco on on a special occasion" (we all know I'll break those by tomorrow! So what do I really want to achieve this year? 

1. Be A Better Blogger

Blogging this year has been so on and off that in 2016 I really want to make more time for it. I love blogging. I love all the amazing opportunities it has given me, and how it is just mine. My little place to go where I can sit for hours and get whisked away by my thoughts and see the results manifest themselves on screen. And with an exciting year ahead, there is going to be so much I want to share. 

2. Smile More

And try not to let the littler things get to me. I can be a right worry-wart, and it's a difficult trap to get out of. I really need to acknowledge when I'm feeling stressed, embrace it, and move on, taking time to appreciate all the moments, people and things that d bring me so much joy, and keep them in my pocket for when times get a little trickier.

3. Be A MRS. 

I'm getting married in April. Exactly 3 months and 1 day from now. This year I really want to spend time setting up our marital home, making time for Boyfriend, and generally enjoy being a Mrs. Oh, and not to turn in to a Bridezilla along the way! 

Happy New Year everyone - I hope this year brings you love, joy, happiness, and lots of adventures along the way!

What will your resolutions be for 2016?

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