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I have to admit, when I was sent the Lime & Vanilla Spritzer candle from Scentiment Candle Company, I was a little nervous I am usually one for the intensely fragranced candles, with spicy or floral notes that bring about a level of relaxation and comfort in me. I don't usually like fruity candles, or candles that do not pack one hell of a punch in terms of scent when you light them. 

When I tested the Rose Garden candle, I completely fell in love. It was just a beautiful scent that brought back so many memories for me. The fragrance filled the house and just made it smell gorgeous, and I was keeping my fingers crossed this scent would do the same. 

When it came to burning the Lime & Vanilla Spritzer in the living room, the scent did not carry. It is very light, mellow and creamy, with hints of lime pulling through, making sure the fragrance isn't too sweet. Our house is very old, with high ceilings, and it really needs something super-punchy to fill it. And the notes in this candle were just too light. Sitting on the sofa, we could barely smell it, and although the flame looked very pretty, dancing in front of us, it wasn't just wasn't enough. 

However, this candle was lovely when lit in the bathroom. The smaller space really helped the fragrance shine, and it was lovely soaking in the bath, having this burning, because, unlike the stronger, spicier scents that I do love so much for the living spaces, which might have become a bit overwhelming in a smaller room, the Lime & Vanilla was light and zingy and fresh. Beautiful for not only bathrooms but I think would be great burning away in a kitchen too, or where you may want a cleaner-smelling candle. 

If you like fruity, creamier fragrances, then this would be the perfect candle for you. Personally I need to have that spiciness, even in winter, but this candle would make someone who loves the zest of citrus notes very happy. It would also make a pretty gift (just check out that packaging - gorgeous!) 

*I was very kindly gifted the Lime & Vanilla Spritzer candle from Scentiment Candle Company for being a part of their Candle Review Team. This in no way affects my opinions. They are always 100% honest, and true to my personal taste.

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