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I hadn't planned on going wedding dress shopping so early, but right before Ryan and I had got engaged, MG had taken a fall and broken her shoulder. Feeling down in the dumps, after Ryan popped the question, I suggested she and I head to Berketex Bride just to try on a few dresses and have some girly time to act as a bit of a distraction. 

In that one trip, I came, I saw, and I found. I literally had no idea what sort of dress I wanted to wear, so went in with a completely open mind, and a few ideas that MG, Ryan, and one of my maids of honour had picked out. Of course I completely disregarded all of these and went for something completely different, but that's a different story. 

There aren't many bridal shops directly near to where my parents live, so growing up, Berketex Bride was the wedding dress shop that I'd always glance in to oogle at the pretty dresses, so it was like living out a childhood dream actually standing in there staring at all the gowns.

Right from that initial trip, the staff in the store could not have been more helpful. From offering advice and guidance on choosing a dress, to just generally being friendly and helping us have a fabulous experience. Nothing was too much trouble, and never at any stage did I feel they were rushing us. I tried on several dresses that first trip - some of them twice - and I really did have all the time I needed to make the right decisions. 

Berketex was the first and only wedding shop I went to. Some might say that that was a bit impulsive, and I may have missed out on a better dress, but for me I didn't need to see any more or visit any other shops. It wasn't just the dress, which of course I absolutely loved, but it was the happiness I'd had buying the dress. It got me excited and eager for the gown to come in. I didn't want to go to a shop where I dreaded going in. And at Berketex Bride, I really felt like I got the bride-to-be treatment.

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We ordered my wedding dress way ahead of time. Ryan and I were engaged 18 months before we got married, so you can imagine how long I had to wait before my fittings. But the staff in the store were so accommodating, understanding that I lived 200 miles away, and reassuring me that they would look after the dress and keep it safe from when it came in up until my final fittings. This also put my mind at complete ease, because along with kindly storing the dress, the staff also said that whenever I was visiting my parents, I could make an appointment to come in and try on the dress. An offer which I took up a few times at various points to show friends and family, see styling ideas with my hair, and to just generally feel like a princess and get excited. 

The long-distance relationship I had with my dress was never an issue, and dress fittings never a problem. The team in-store were always on hand to answer any last-minute questions about underwear, hair, accessories, veil choices....even tips on how to go to the toilet! They were very caring and understanding, really looking after me. On one visit, I was being pinned ready for alterations, and started to go a bit wobbly (standing still in a heavy wedding dress for a long time isn't the easiest.) Seeing my discomfort, the staff ensured I sat down, and only when I was ready would we carry on. That care and attention really did make me feel so appreciated as a customer. It was a fabulous feeling.

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I really did have the best experience shopping at Berketex Bride, and can honestly say that if you are in the Hertfordshire area, to head on in to the Watford branch and take a peek. The staff are so friendly and really take care of you, and the gowns are just gorgeous. On hand to offer advice, guidance, and reassurance, I never felt out of my depth or uncared for. The store must see so many brides come in week on week, but they really make each customer feel special, and get your excitement going. Looking back, I really couldn't have picked a better shop. With tips given on how to hang the dress and veil, there were no hiccups leading up to the event, and on the day I felt like a true princess, with my dress fitting perfectly, veil steamed to perfection, and feeling so comfortable.

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Photo Credit: Wedding guest
It really was the wedding dress of my dreams!

For more information about Berketex Bride, and to find your nearest store, click here.

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