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garnier moisture bomb

After religiously following my bridal skincare routine right up until the beginning of April, as you would expect, I started to run very low on moisturiser. I suffer from combination skin, and in winter-y weather, my skin can get especially flaky, which, let's be honest, isn't a particularly sexy look! 

So when BzzAgent let me know about their Garnier Moisture Bomb BzzCampaign, I immediately put my name down to get involved. I have participated in several BzzCampaigns in the past, but having never really tried a lot of Garnier products in the past,  I was really excited to give these a try. 

Formulated for dehydrated skin, there is a designated Moisture Bomb for use during the day, and one for application at night. I have to say that I was instantly appreciative of the pump applicator of the Moisture Bomb Day. When crawling out of bed, bleary-eyed and half asleep, the last thing I want is to put too much moisturiser on my face! A pump makes dispensing an appropriate amount really easy, and helps keep the process clean and I almost wish Moisture Bomb Night had the same packaging for the same reasons. 

Packaging aside, there is also a slight difference in consistency, which may be linked to the effects that each moisturiser is aiming to achieve. Moisture Bomb Day is light and creamy, and does require a little more work to sink in to the skin, where as Moisture Bomb Night is almost gel-like in formula, and is absorbed in to the skin quicker. It is still light in consistency, but feels more luxurious. It also has a pale blue tint, which is definitely quite a novel touch! Both moisturisers are delicately scented. Not at all a fragrance that is too powerful, but really pleasant, and is a definite reminder of summer - light, and almost fruity. I'm all for a little bit of perfumery, so liked this very much! 

Designed to rehydrate skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and generally keep skin feeling and looking happy, after using Moisture Bomb Day for nearly a week, I have noticed some changes in my skin. My face feels a lot smoother and supple, and any dry patches have disappeared. As yet, I haven't noticed any change to my fine lines (I have them around my eyes,) but it is still early days.  

Using Moisture Bomb Night, I wake up to skin that instantly feels hydrated. My face doesn't look so dull, and used in conjunction with Moisture Bomb Day, the formula helps to keep my skin feeling smooth from one day, right through to the next. Like it's daytime friend, Moisture Bomb Night is designed to help make fine lines look reduced, so we'll see what happens as the weeks go on. 

So far, I'm really happy. I love the packaging of the products (that turquoise colour is gorgeous,) I like the scent, and I like the formulation. Neither are greasy or slimy, and really have helped to get my skin feeling softer. And as for those fine lines....we'll just have to see what happens! 

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Have you tried Garnier Moisture Bomb yet? What results did you see?
*I received Garnier Moisture Bomb Day & Night as part of a BzzAgent BzzCampaign. All opinions are 100% my own and defined by my personal experiences and results

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