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Just Add Ginger blog - Diary of a pregnant woman

Dear Diary, 


Being pregnant isn't everything
That I'd thought it'd be,
waking up at half past four
desperate for a wee, 

The things you want to cry about, 
the things that make you roar.
Disaster strikes when there's 
a single speck of dust upon the floor. 

Weeping over politics 
and sad things on the news, 
Getting annoyed at your other half. 
when what to eat you just can't choose. 

Cooing over baby clothes 
you just can't quite afford, 
Stressing over bottle types 
And what to paint on nursery walls.

Getting used to that big long list 
of food you just can't eat, 
The random deep sleep cat naps, 
when fatigue you can't defeat.

Finding that you've run out of clothes, 
"Nothing wants to fit!" 
Your husband still looks oh-so dapper, 
when you just feel like sh*t.

The anguish over baby names, 
Just how are you to pick? 
Dustin, Justin, Penny, Lola. 
Oh, nothing seems to stick. 

Aches and pains are everywhere. 
You can just about put on your socks. 
Gagging on your toothbrush - 
just when will all these things stop? 

And then there's the times you can't predict, 
when things don't go to plan. 
Waiting rooms and phone calls 
knowing the outcome's out your hands. 

But on this big new journey 
I wouldn't change a thing, 
When baby's here it's a whole new chapter...

of guessing if that's poo or chocolate on your chin.


  1. Great poem and so funny ^_^
    You are definitely experiencing pregnancy the right way! X

    1. Thank you so much :)

      Haha yes! Every new experience is a learning curve. Making some big memories along the way xx