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After months and months playing the waiting game, on the last weekend in February we finally moved into our new house! A definite upgrade from our last house, closer to family, and with a lot more space, this was something I had been dreaming for for a long time. It wasn't stressing me out, but I just desperately wanted to be in and settled before Baby Ginger arrived so that we could bring him home from the hospital to a brand new start. 

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Because we still have our old house, the moving process was relatively smooth, with Ryan and I making weekend and evening trips to and from our new home with our little Aygo fit to burst with bags and boxes. Taking maternity leave when I did came in to play to our advantage, as most of my days were spent packing away all our things, meaning when it came to the big moving weekend, it was really only the big pieces of furniture that needed to be brought over. It was an easy transition, with me spending most of my time staying out the way until all the heavy items were in, and then unpacking at a steady pace.

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Setting everything up was just as easy a process. We were very lucky in the fact that the previous owners decorated each room immaculately, with feature wallpaper, built-in appliances and bits and pieces of furniture left for us to use. The only room that needed anything doing to it was the nursery, which was originally a mixture of pinks and princess themes. But with a quick lick of blue paint on one wall, and the addition of some paintings and prints (including the gorgeous one above by JazzStanArtworks featuring lyrics from Tenerife Sea, a song that featured in our wedding ceremony). 

We all I think also know how much I love upcycling, so the majority of our furniture and decorations came with us, either to serve the same purpose or to be used for another. MG brought up a re-painted bookshelf from my room at her house to use in the nursery, and I re-purposed the box my birthday present from Ryan came in to act as a perfume holder. The only new things we have had to buy are the cot for the nursery, and finishing touches like curtains and cushions. In terms of sourcing things, we did extremely well!

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The house isn't finished by all means. Even now I am still unpacking boxes and re-jigging things. There are things that need to be built and fixtures that need to be put in place, but other than that it is definitely feeling like home, more so than the old house ever really did for us. I will never tire of looking out the window an seeing the sky, and grass, and birds. I will never get over the fact that we now have a driveway, and more storage than we could possibly want and need. I just feel so incredibly lucky that things fell into place exactly as they were meant to, and at the right time. I don't think I'll ever take our home for granted, and I just can't wait to bring Baby Ginger home to somewhere both Ryan and I are immensely proud of.

I won't be doing a new house tour, but I wanted to share little accents of the house that I think are just gorgeous. Don't worry - I'm under no delusion that with a new baby the house will stay pristine, but now, with my nesting instinct in full swing, I couldn't be happier with how pretty things look. 

I also vlogged our big move. Not just for YouTube, but as a living record of our very first full weekend here, and just how happy we were to finally say "we did it"!


  1. I love how happy and settled you are in your new home! The place is amazing, SO much light and that kitchen is just fabulous! It already feels so homely! Can't wait till the little man comes along to add that finishing touch of completeness to your little family and new adventure!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. We were so incredibly lucky to find the house. Everything happened at just the right time. It's just going to be so wonderful bringing him home and watching him grow up here xx