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When it comes to YouTubers I watch, I'm never just loyal to one genre of video. What I feel like switching on can depend on a variety of different factors, from the time of day to my mood. And with a new baby, the time I have where I can sit back, put my feet up and catch up on my subscription box is very limited - I have to be selective. However there are two YouTubers whose videos I have been loving of late. Whenever I see a new upload from them, the play button gets tapped instantly.

A relatively recent find, Bella's Mystery Monday videos really set my week off top a great start. I think it all stems from my love of crime documentaries and dramas (Poirot is one of my heroes)! Well planned and filmed, I don't ever tire of watching these videos, trying to solve the mysteries myself. And her voice is s soothing to listen to that once or twice when Baby Ginger is down for a nap, I'll hot play on one of her uploads and find myself drifting off to sleep!  

I have been subscribed to Kendall for a little while, having first discovered her when I was totally obsessed with storytime videos. However, similarly to Bella, it is Kendall's conspiracy theory, crime and mystery videos that have me hooked. t is clear that she puts a lot of time, effort and planning into these videos and it really shows. She also comes across as really bubbly, passionate and personable. If you are a fan of similar styles of videos, she is definitely worth checking out.

Got a YouTuber you love to watch? Leave me their links in the comments below. 


  1. Ooo instantly going to go check these out! I want to revamp my feed as I'm so bored of so many channels I subscribe to! I have nothing like this on my subs list!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. If you like that style of video you definitely won't be disappointed!! xx