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Fox's Ice Cream Favourites Limited Edition Glaciers

Look for a way to describe my affection for all things confection and it's safe to say that instead of having one appreciative tooth I have a whole set of sweet teeth! So give me a chance to try out something new and you can bet your bottom dollar I'm 99.9% going to embrace that opportunity with open arms! 

This summer, Fox's have launched a limited edition pack of their famous glaciers all inspired by ice cream: Raspberry Ripple, Rum & Raisin, Banana and Strawberry Cream. Since moving closer to the coast there's nothing that gives me more joy than reliving out a childhood treat and grabbing a cheeky cone from the ice cream van. So if Fox's could have taken that nostalgic experience and poured it into this limited edition launch, then I was going to be very, very impressed! 

Breaking open the bag and delving in, I was of course a little apprehensive. Having only ever associated Fox's with their mint glaciers, I was really intrigued as to how they have managed other flavours. Were all four choices going to translate? And well? But as I popped sweet after sweet into my mouth, it was pretty clear Fox's have nailed it. A mix of subtle and strong, it is obvious which classic ice cream flavour you have found. Strawberry Cream and Banana are much more mellow and sweet, whereas Raspberry Ripple and Rum & Raisin are a lot more powerful. I even tried mixing things up by trying a Strawberry Cream & Banana (my personal favourites) together. This was actually pretty yummy, but I'm not entirely sure how other flavour combos would work - definitely one to try for yourselves though!

So let's talk packaging. The actual bag itself is cute and colourful, resembling the iconic waffled ice cream cone texture. However there is a slight stumbling point when it comes to the actual sweets themselves. I thought that with there being a mix of flavours Fox's would have chosen to use labels to make it clear which flavour is which - especially when there is the possibility that children might be eating these and there is a chance they might grab something so strong like Rum & Raisin. 

But all the sweets are wrapped up in exactly the same style of paper, meaning you are having to play a game of pot luck. Fine if you like all the selection, but not incredibly helpful if there is a favour you are trying to avoid! Yet this is the only minor hiccup. It didn't put me off diving in for more, nor did it hinder my enjoyment, - it's just something to be aware of. Once you come to grips with identifying each flavour by their colour, you know which you should avoid.

As far as sweets go, Fox's Ice Cream Favourites Limited Edition Glaciers are a winner in my eyes. Sure there is one I'm not a fan of, but that's no reflection on the sweets themselves. There is something there for everyone and the flavours are pretty much on point. They'd be great to have in the glove compartment for car journeys, thrown into a beach bag to take on holiday or as a crowd-pleaser at picnics. Lighter than chocolate and far less messy, for those of us who often need a fast fix of something sweet, Fox's Glaciers are ideal for this time of year. (Hands up who has ever had a 'melted chocolate bar in pocket / handbag' situation too).

These limited edition packs are available nationwide for a limited time, so if you are tempted to give them a try don't take to long! The 200g size makes them perfect for sharing, but to be honest they are so moreish that you might not want to - particularly if you have a favourite flavour.

*I was very kindly sent two packs of the Fox's Ice Cream Favourites Limited Edition Glaciers to sample. This in no way affects my opinions. They are always 100% honest and guided by my personal experiences.


  1. oh my godddd i am addicted to the originals at the moment, these sound amazing! x


    1. They are really good :) Everyone has had their favourites so they are definitely a crowd pleaser! x