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There's just something about having fresh flowers in my home that makes my soul happy. I don't know whether it is the fragrance, the aesthetic, or my romantic nature. Whatever the reason - if there is ever an excuse for me to have a vase sitting on my mantelpiece displaying a pretty posy or bouquet you know I'm going to jump on it.

Blossoming Gifts reached out to me a few weeks ago and asked if I would like to receive one of their bouquets to review. How could I say no? Only ever sticking to the same online stores for flowers and after spotting the most perfect bunch that really spoke to me I gladly accepted and waited for my bouquet to arrive.

kitchen table displaying a vase of flowers, box of chocolates and notecard

When it comes to flowers, I am really drawn to those that are more neutral in colour (roses being my absolute favourite for sentimental reasons) and in particular, bouquets that contain a lot of foliage. Comprised of Oriental Lilies, Avalanche Roses, Cinerea Eucalyptus and Salal, on first glance the White Rose & Lily bouquet seemed to combine everything I love and I knew that had to be the one I chose and I couldn't wait for them to arrive so I could put them pride of place in the brand new vase I had bought for them.

The bouquet arrived promptly on the delivery day I had selected and was packaged really safely, securely fastened to the box with the stems bound together, hydrated, a plastic covering around the blooms themselves and all tied up with a chic ribbon. The box itself was beautiful - not cheesy or over the top, but just enough to make you feel really special and want to open the box in excited anticipation. 

photo of a bouquet of closed oriental lilies and avalanche roses

close up of two avalanche roses

After preparing and arranging the flowers I took a step back to review what the bouquet looked like fully assembled. The roses were all fully opened however the lilies were all still closed. This did not change the visual impact of the flowers though. They looked beautiful - a mix of greens and whites and varying textures and shapes and they made a beautiful addition to our kitchen, really standing out against the warm grey tones of our walls and the print directly behind on the wall.

close up photo of an oriental lily and avalanche rose

close up photo of eucalyptus leaves

With a '7 day freshness guarantee' I decided to track what the bouquet looked like over the course of a week to see if Blossoming Gifts delivered on this promise. For a few days after the delivery the lilies stayed closed with only a few looking like they were getting ready to open. On day five the first one blossomed, with three others following shortly behind. 

The roses stayed crisp and white, with only a few starting to look a little tired by the time the first lily appeared. At the time of writing this review we are on day seven and it looks as though the rest of the lilies are going to make an appearance soon. The roses are still pretty much all going strong.

Hand on heart I have been genuinely so impressed by the quality of these flowers. I'm always a little sceptical when it comes to ordering bouquets online but considering how long these flowers have lasted I am well and truly blown away and so happy. Every time I see them sitting on our kitchen table I just can't help but smile. They are just perfect.

close up photo of an avalanche rose

close up photo of eucalyptus leaves with avalanche rose in foreground

close up photo of an oriental lily and avalanche rose

Blossoming Gifts not only sell flowers but also an array of gifts - from alcoholic to those with the biggest sweet tooth. They also offer 'next day flowers 7 days a week' so if you doing some last minute shopping for someone special, they are definitely worth a visit.

I am absolutely in love with the White Lily & Rose bouquet and am dreading the day when I have to say goodbye to it. The flowers have delivered on their longevity, look stunning, chic and finishes of our kitchen beautifully. Eric has also taken an interest in it too and it gives us something to talk about while he is eating his breakfast. 

bouquet of oriental lilies and avalanche roses

Offering a range of beautiful flowers at really competitive prices, Blossoming Gifts has blown every other online flower retailer I know out of the water. This bouquet has made the most perfect summertime addition to our home and now my only problem is I need to find a good enough reason to buy a replacement because I'm going to miss them so much!

* I was very kindly gifted the White Lily & Rose bouquet from Blossoming Gifts to review. This does not affect my opinions. For more information, please see my disclaimer.

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  1. Gorgeous bouquet! Nothing beats having pretty fresh flowers around the house!

    Sarah :)
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