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Eric has always been a fickle little thing when it comes to toys he likes to play with. One minute he'll be tearing around the living room clutching a plastic car and the next he's happy sitting and turning the pages of a book. 

However cause and effect toys are still a big hit with Eric - especially ones that play sounds, move, sing or dance along to music. He finds them fascinating and will go back to them over and over again,  exploring the different ways he can get them make noise. The Little Tikes Light 'n' Go 3-in-1 Sports Zone* has been such a big hit with him for that reason, and knowing how much he has gotten out of it, when the opportunity arose for us to try the Little Tikes Light 'n' Go 3-in-1 Activity Walker I couldn't really refuse! 

toddler playing with the little tikes 3-in-1 walker

The walker is pretty easy to set up, the whole process probably taking about 5-10 minutes. It is multifunctional with different height levels depending on what you want it to do and - like with the Sports Zone - it can be folded down and neatly tucked away should you need it to be (ideal if you are lacking in storage or if you don't want your living room to look like a toy shop).

We set up the walker one evening when Eric had gone to bed and placed it in the middle of the living room ready for the morning. Personally I never really like to make a big fuss over new toys because I don't want to force Eric to feel he can only play with one thing. It's more exciting just leaving things sitting around to seeing if he notices that they are there. 

As soon as he spotted the walker he was straight over to it, a curious half smile on his face, ready to investigate.

toddler playing with the little tikes light 'n' go walker

toddler playing with the little tikes light 'n' go walker

He was particularly taken with the light show, catching on to what he had to do to make them appear and pushing the walker up and down. He also really enjoyed lifting the flaps and sliding the movable plastic elements up and down to see what would happen. 

The walker has three different modes of play there is a lot for a little one to explore. Each offer an educational aspect, teaching your child about colour, melody and music. There are things to spin, flaps to lift and buttons to press. 

A voice offers encouraging phrases, a tune begins to play and a light projector is triggered when the toy is pushed, and the more motion it senses, the more music is played and lights glow. So if your baby is learning to walk, this is a clever little touch that will help cheer them on. 

toddler looking at the little tikes light 'n' go walker

Not just a walker, but with the ability to use it as a stationary activity table for older ones or the option to simply be placed flat on the floor as a play centre for smaller babies, the Light 'n' Go walker really is a toy that can grow with your baby. From a mum's perspective that's something I really like - toys that are multifunctional, are really going to last and won't just be a two minute wonder!  

toddler playing with the little tikes light 'n' go walker

toddler playing with the little tikes light 'n' go walker

Little Tikes have really nailed it again when it comes to creating something that allows little ones to take ownership of their play and with Eric being the age he is, he did not need my help using any aspects of the walker. Of course if he was younger this may be different but for the stage he is at, it really helps nurture his independence.

The walker also provided us with lots to talk about, and I spent some time looking for different animals with him and playing peekaboo. Eric is babbling away at the moment and we think he is about to start talking properly soon (we hope at least) so anything that encourages him to do that is a winner in our eyes. 

toddler boy playing with the little tikes light 'n' go walker

There is just one minor negative that I've found with the walker and that is the volume of the motor. It does seem to be quite loud. Now I don't know if this is just our one but if the walker is not in motion and the lights are triggered there is a pretty noisy whirring sound that starts up. It doesn't last for long but it does happen so I thought it might be worth a mention.

I really, really like the Little Tikes Light 'n' Go 3-in-1 Activity Walker. It is durable, colourful, and encourages a lot of baby's emerging and developing skills (hand eye co-ordination and motor are definitely addressed). It is also really easy to modify, changing from flat to standing in a few seconds and all one handed friendly

close up shot of the little tikes light 'n' go walker

Eric may be full of beans and a whirlwind when it comes to play but the 3-in-1 walker from Little Tikes is definitely something that he won't be growing out of any time soon. And even when the time eventually comes when he is too big for it, you can bet your bottom dollar we'll be storing it away for our future babies because, well, I just love it.

Have you ever tried anything from Little Tikes? Let me know about your experiences in the comments.
* I was very kindly gifted the Little Tikes Light 'n' Go Activity Walker to review. This does not affect my opinions. For more information, please see my disclaimer.

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