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It has been one of my biggest goals this pregnancy to stay a lot more relaxed. But so much going on every day, a toddler to chase after and hormones raging around my body this can be really difficult. However, I've connected the dots that they more time I take to concentrate on myself - even if it's just for five minutes - the less anxious or stressed I feel and the more I actually enjoy being pregnant. 

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Taking care of yourself at this time in your life is so important, and with that in mind I wanted to share five things I have been doing that help me switch off, unwind and feel a lot more at ease.

1. Hypnobirthing. 

This is something I started looking into when I was expecting Eric but never fully embraced. This time round I'm taking it more seriously. I'm feeling okay at the moment but I know the more I head towards labour the more wound up I'm going to be. So I'm doing all I can now to make sure I stay as calm and prepared as possible. I decided to invest in The Positive Birth Company's Digital Pack and oh my god it is amazing. I'm learning so much about my body and listening to the affirmations and guided breathing techniques is an instant way to help me calm down. If there is ever a night I'm having trouble sleeping I'll plug in my headphones and watch / listen to a few of the course's 'lessons'. Siobhan's voice alone is just so relaxing and within a couple of minutes I'm drifting off to sleep.

The course is great for birth partners too and I've already signed Ryan up to do the course with me. Because if he understands pregnancy, labour and birth a bit more, the more understanding he will be and be able to support me in my journey to ultimate calm.

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2. Step Outside.

I'm a strong believer in spaces carrying energy and often, if I'm feeling particularly stressed (or grumpy) I know a change in environment is needed. And one of the best ways I gain clarity is by going outside. On the daily this could be opening the french windows and playing with Eric outside, or, if it's the weekend, it'll be going on a walk, or out for a coffee, or to feed the ducks. Simply getting out the house gives me the head space I need to get over a bad mood, refocus my mind, and forget what it was that was irking me in the first place.

3. Keep Talking.

One of my biggest failing last pregnancy was that I didn't speak up. I didn't let people know how I was really feeling. This was mainly because I thought I should be happy and grateful to be pregnant, which of course I was. But this did not detract from the fact that I was also terrified. A midwife I spoke to recently said it sounded like I had been 'traumatised' by things in my last pregnancy and I agree with her. 

So now I am talking. I'm open and honest and truthful, no matter how crazy I think I sound. If something's gotten under my skin I tell Ryan about it at the end of the day and if it's baby related I know my midwife is a text or call away from giving me advice. I cry if I want to and do you know what? It really, really helps.

4. Make Some Room For 'Me Time'. 

A cup of tea, an undisturbed bath or half an hour catching up with your favourite TV show....whatever you loved to do to unwind, now is the time to do it. You deserve it. With all the stresses and strains day to day life can bring it is really important to pencil some time into each day to have a breather, put your feet up and focus some energy completely on yourself. 

For me, it's catching up on YouTube, having a hot shower with my Spotify playlists blaring out or just taking my mum hat off for an hour or two and letting Ryan take over. And yes sometimes I have to force myself to do these things or admit that I need some time to myself, but once I do I feel heaps better. 

5. Do What Makes You Happy.

Tuning in to what our bodies are trying to tell us is definitely really important. And whereas this can be about if we're feeling under the weather or concerned about anything it's also about being aware in other ways. Fancy that chocolate bar....eat it. Feeling constipated....eat some greens. Getting tired.....have a rest. Social media getting your down...have a digital detox. Now more than ever is the perfect time to really think about things that are making you happy and things that just aren't. Be selfish and put yourself first. You are okay to do that sometimes. 

This time round I'm being a lot less hard on myself. I'm unapologetic in my thinking about myself and I will quite happily switch off from the wider world if I need to. I indulge in food that makes me happy, I am honest if I need five more minutes in bed, and firm when I need help. I exercise when I can and don't punish myself if I just can't be bothered. I have house days with Eric if I have no energy and eat healthily if I feel I really need it. And mostly, I'm true to how I'm feeling. 

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Pregnancy is such an unpredictable journey and there can be obstacles that you never dreamt of coming across, but if you put a few simple steps in motion to implement to when you are feeling overwhelmed or scared or stressed then I think you are on the right track to a more relaxed experience. 

What are some of the things you do to keep calm? Is there anything you think I should try? Let me know in the comments. 

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