It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

Hello Everyone! 

Today is the last day at work for me before the Christmas holidays. I should be really excited, but instead, I'm trying to squeeze all my packing in between my two shifts at work. 

Tonight; I'm driving down South to stay overnight at my parents'. 

Tomorrow, we're going on holiday!! Woohoo!! 

A part of me is going to miss the traditional Christmas, but another part of me is SOOOOO excited to be going away. We're staying in the Netherlands, and on Christmas Day, we're going to one of my favourite places in the world.... 


Hopefully I'll be able to blog whilst I'm away. (I've checked with my parents to make sure there's internet!!) Mama Ginger's given me a list of things I need to pack (yes, even though I'm nearly 26), and I'm in the middle of trying to decide if I really need to take 4 dresses with me for a week (it's good to have choice, right?) 

These past few weeks have been so crazy, that I'm really looking forward to 2 weeks off work to unwind. Although, there won't be a single day in those 2 weeks where I'm not doing something. I've got a full itinerary. It's very rare that I'm down with my parents for anything more than a weekend, so I'm squeezing in a tonne of visits to see my friends, to go shopping in Oxford Street, and catch up with Southern Life in general....I can see there being lots of mulled wine and mince pie consumption!! 

Yum Yum!! 

And then, when I get back, Spotto is taking me away for a surprise birthday weekend, so my head will keep spinning until at least 6th January!! I'm usually really bad at surprises, but I'm really looking forward to doing something I haven't planned for my birthday! 

It's such a crazy life!! 

Ginger x


  1. Your christmas tree is beautiful! Hope you have fun on your surprise birthday weekend :)x