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Today, I thought it'd be quite fun to do my own Get To Know Me tag. I found some good ones from Pink Porcelain which I used to help inspire me! I know I did my Facts about Ginger series, but this gives me a chance to share some more about me with you...the big wide blogging world! 

What is your favourite season? 
Winter! I absolutely love it! When the weather starts to turn colder there's nothing I love more than curling up in my pyjamas by the fire with a blanket and mug of hot chocolate....and then of course, Winter means Christmas! Yay.

What is your favourite colour?
Green...always green! Although, over the past year, I have been really drawn to orange too! I have a luminous orange hoodie from Primark which I love, but always gets me a few looks... Jealousy! lol

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Cleanse and moisturise my face. I can be really lazy about doing this, so if I've made it my routine to do it very first thing. After that I get changed, and turn on the kettle!

Trousers or skirts? 
Skirts. Definitely! And dresses! I'm not really a trousery person....unless you count jeans. Leggings are usually my staple if I'm looking for something to wear besides a skirt or dress.

What is your favourite make up brand? 
High end I am in LOVE with MAC. If I could buy everything they produce, I would. But in reality, I only have 1 lipstick at the moment. Drugstore make up wise I tend to dabble...I love Natural Collection lipsticks, and Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation. There are too many good products out there to settle for one favourite.

How old are you?
25....almost 26....my birthday is in January. I'm trying not to think about it! 

Sweet or Savoury? 
I just love food! And what I eat really depends on my mood. I am an absolute chocoholic, but I really love cheese too! I guess at the moment, I'm eating more savoury things because I'm cooking/eating a lot more "comfort" food!

High heels or Flats?
Er...they're both shoes! Shoes are amazing!!!!! 
Okay...I'm calm....
Flats definitely see me through the day. The only time I wear heels during the day time is if they are a boot, or they are a mid heel. Super high heels I save for my nights out. They ruin my feet!

Are you a romantic person? 
Definitely! I love the idea of being swept off my feet, and I am an absolute believer that true love is out there for everybody!

Favourite film?
Gone with the Wind! Absolute classic! Vivienne Leigh is just absolutely beautiful, and the character of Rhett Butler...Oooo I love it!

Celebrity Crush? 
Am I allowed 2?! 
1) Johnny Depp...always and forever! 
2) Chris Hemsworth....I have to stop myself dribbling when I watch Avengers Assemble or Thor! 

Greatest Ambition?
First would be to get a book published, though, at the moment, I really don't have the confidence to put anything out there. 
Second...just to be happy, to love, and live for the moment....A bit cheesy I know, but I just want to live my life surrounded by people I love, love me back, and support me no matter what happens. With love, anything is possible.... (*Cringe* UBER CHEESE! ...Sorry)

Ultimate ALL TIME favourite song? 
 "Kiss from a Rose" by Seal. 
Although...I love music in general. I go through stages of listening to certain songs on repeat, but "Kiss from a Rose" has been my favourite for YEARS!

Girly girl or Tomboy? 
I used to be SUCH a tomboy! My whole bedroom was Thomas the Tank Engine themed, and I was never into anything girly. But now, I am definitely a girly girl! Absolutely no question about it! hehe

What would you do if you won £10,000,000
Firstly, I would buy a house in the countryside. Then, I'd pay for my  good friends and my family to go on an ultimate holiday (they all deserve it). I'd give quite a lot away to charity, invest some, and of course, go on a little bit of a shopping spree in NYC!! 

I tag everyone! Leave links to your in the comments section below! I look forward to seeing your answers! 

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