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Today, I'm feeling very festive. It was my last day at work yesterday, and was given a neautiful fairy Christmas tree ornament as a parting gift. It's the first new ornament I've put on my tree, like, ever!! 

Soooo exciting!

I found this tag on SweetieSal 's blog, and thought it would be perfect to heighten my current festive cheer!! 

I tag all of you! Post your links in the comments below!! 

What is your favourite thing about Christmas? 
There are SO many things I love about Christmas; Mince pies, mulled wine/cider, Christmas dinner, spending time with my friends and family....the list is endless! But, I'd say that the thing that really gets me excited for Christmas is buying presents for everybody. I love choosing gifts, then seeing people open them! Makes me feel so happy seeing my friends and family happy too!! 

What's your favourite make up look for the festive season? 
For a festive look, I love a neutral smokey eye (using my Naked Palette or Coastal Scents Palette) with black winged eyeliner and lots of glitter! I tend to opt for a nude lip regardless of the season, but add a pop of festive colour on my nails! 

Real Tree or Fake Tree 
Fake tree. Real trees make lots of mess, and don't last very long. My parents and I have spent a few Christmas-es at Sherwood Forest Center Parcs, and there, we got real trees, because after Christmas, Center Parcs recycle them. But I have a fake, pre-lit tree. 

Giving presents, or receiving presents? 
Giving presents! Definitely  I love choosing presents, wrapping paper, gift tags, then getting them ready under the tree and giving them to my friends and family!

Do you open your presents Christmas morning, or evening? 
It really depends on what we (my family) are doing. Usually it's in the morning, but if we're going somewhere, we save presents for later on in the day. 

Handmade cards or bought? 
If I had loads of spare time, I'd make my own cards, but I always get shop cards, and if I can, those that support a charity. 

What's your favourite Christmas film? 
There's only one option...The Muppets' Christmas Carol. In my opinion there is no better Christmas film. It was on tv last weekend when I was at my friends' house, and I got SO excited!! 

What's your favourite Christmas food and drink?
For food, it's got to be roast potatoes, with pork and apricot stuffing! It's so delicious!!!! And for drinks...mulled wine or cider! Nothing like one of those to warm your cockles! Having coffee shop drinks at Christmas time is great too because they come in festive cups!! 

Ginger x

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