Sometimes, we have to change!

As you are probably aware by now....Soon (from July 1st) Google Reader will no longer exist, and this means that Google Friend Connect will be going soon! 

"Nooo!" you may cry. 

To be honest, when I first heard the news I did that too. Although I started JustAdd-Ginger as a hobby, and a means of self-expression and documentations of my ramblings, I've come across some amazing finds on my travels, and appreciate every single one of the post-reads my blog gets. 

As well as GFC, I am also on Bloglovin' (there's a huge button on the right hand side of my blog) if you click on that, it will take you to my JustAdd-Ginger page on there (although I believe I'm signed up as "Just Add Ginger".) Bloglovin' gives you updates on up-to-date blog posts from the blogs that you follow, and you can register your own blog on there too for others to find.

I would love it if you made the quick trip over to Bloglovin' and followed me there! All of the support I get from visitors, readers, and subscribers to JustAdd-Ginger really mean a lot to me!

If you are a blog owner, and not sure about where your followers can continue to get updates on your posts after Google Friend Connect goes, there are some helpful articles to read. 

And for blog readers, you can import blogs that you are subscribed to in to Bloglovin' so that you can keep updated with the latest posts from your favourite bloggers. (There's an article on how to do that too!) 

If you click here , it should take you through to my Bloglovin' page. It would mean the world to me if you continued to follow me over there. My posts usually appear at the end of the week, but as of the end of July,  I am on holiday from work until the beginning of September, so posts will become more frequent. 

And while we're talking of linky-plinkies, here is where else you can find me: 

Twitter: @GingerJaxx
Instagram: @gingerjax
YouTube: JustAddGinger

Do you think having no more GFC will make a difference to keeping track of blogs we follow?

Ginger x

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