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Time for another quick update in the world of Ginger. 

This is something I have been toying with for a while, but with GFC about to be taken away, I needed a few different ways to keep everybody who wants to read my blog updated with the latest posts and snippets of news that's going on. 

If you read my last update post (you can find it here if not), you'll know that I am on Bloglovin', so when GFC says goodbye to the world, I will be reachable there, but with Facebook being a huge social networking platform, it seemed logical to make an appearance there too! 

Instagram: @Gingerjax

My new Facebook address is: 


You should see a thumbnail of the picture above when you search for the page. 

I'll post on there to let you know when any new post goes up from my blog or YouTube channel. I'll also post little bits of news or updates. (I know I've been a bit AWOL lately, but I have had a million things going on, and sometime juggling is a bit tricksy! I'll be having time off soon though, so will be back on a more regular basis.)  

I'd love it of you wanted to head on over to my new page and give me a "Like" to stay updated.

Happy Tuesday Everybody! 

Ginger x 

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