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Community is such a big part of the blogosphere! Without it things can get incredibly lonely and unnecessarily competitive. I think it's so important to give back and pay it forward, especially because the blogging world has shown me such incredibly support and love over the years. 

So without further ado, here are five bloggers I think you really should be following in 2017

Dorkface | Jemma 

Hardworking. multi-talented, crazily creative (have you seen her Etsy shop)?, and with an Instagram feed that is just absolute goals, I think Jemma - aka Dorkface - is just amazing. Creator of @TheGirlGangHQ on Twitter, this lady does so much it is a wonder how she ever manages to sleep! And to top it all of, she is just the loveliest person. Often, when I feel myself at a loss with blogging or un-motivated, just looking at her Twitter feed or catching up on a blog post is enough to push the accelerator on my motivation again and hurtle full throttle down the creative road of productivity. 

With blog posts that are vibrant and engaging, and with a honest and down-to-earth approach, Jemma's already achieved so much, and I know there will be so much more to come in 2017! 

There's no way I couldn't write this post without mentioning Sarah. Outside of the blogging world, we have been friends for a long time. From occasional "pudding clubs" to Happy Hour cocktails and support when it's needed most, she is party one of the reasons I have kept blogging for so long. There have been so many times when I've just lost all motivation, but just seeing how much drive Sarah has is enough to get me back on the horse. Her posts are always so relatable, personable and  that you can always look to her blog for an honest opinion on everything - from beauty trends right through to tea subscriptions.

Jo's is a name that I've seen pop up so much on my radar over the past year, but my true appreciation and enjoyment of her blog is something that has grown over recent months. It is just such a pretty place to peruse, with posts that cover all things beauty, lifestyle and pregnancy. Often engaging in a Twitter conversation or two (we are only a few weeks apart in our pregnancies), it is when her mummy-to-be posts pop up that I get the most excited. I love her writing style for how personal it is. You almost could be having a real life conversation with her, and bloggers who write with so much animation always have me coming back for more.

Michelle Louise | Michelle

Another blogger who clearly writes every post from the heart, I've watched Michelle's blog grow over the years. A super-talented MUA (she has posted some really cool tutorials on her YouTube channel), frequently posting the most delicious-looking Vegan recipes, and with a definite passion for all things beauty hers is a blog I go to if I'm in search for an honest review, or if I've been on the lookout for a new palette/foundation/mascara to try. Aside from her make up skills and ability to make you feel hungry with a single food-related photo, she's also a really lovely person too, and I'm really looking forward to see what this year has in store for her.

Got a blogger you love? Why not give them a shout-out to let them know!?

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  1. Ah you sweetheart, thank you so much for the mention! You've got me all choked up ere! great post, some bloggers I've not heard of before so I will be sure to go check them out!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland