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Ever since getting pregnant I have had one very strange problem when it comes to makeup. My usual foundations started to oxidise on my face, making me fashion a slight Oompa-Loompa shade as opposed to my normal skintone. 

It's been incredibly frustrating. Especially because I find it so difficult at the best of times to find a good base that matches my skintone. I find it incredibly difficult to source a decent drugstore makeup brand that have a vast and varied shade range, and, now finding myself unable to use the foundations that did actual work, I was back to square one! 

I started perusing the Lancôme stand in Harvey Nichol's Beauty Bazaar by chance one Saturday. We had just gone out for my birthday lunch and I just nipped in, hoping to swing by the Nars stand to try and sneakily check out their selection of bases. However, finding the counter rather busy, I made a swift and stealthy turn and decided to look at Lancôme's range instead.

After explaining my issues to the sales assistant, I was colour matched and recommended the Teint Idole Ultra 24h Foundation in 02Lys Rosé . With nothing to lose, and totally enabled by the fact it was my birthday, I decided to give it a go. 

Even though I have made purchases deom the likes of Clinique, Too Faced and Urban Decay before, this was the first purchase I have made that I truly considered high-end. Lancôme has always been one of those brands I've heard of but have been somewhat unattainable, so, walking out of the shop with purchase in hand, you could say that my expectations were really rather high.

They say to never judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to beauty products, I just cannot stick to that. The look of a product is definitely something I notice first, and - whether it is supposed to or not - it gives me a starting impression of what to expect, and the Teint Idole was no exception. Simple, sleek and chic, and presented in a heavy glass bottle, the packaging of this foundation is exactly what I would have expected. Delicately decorated with Lancôme's signature floral motif, the 30ml bottle definitely has that sense of luxury about it. The pump also makes the foundation highly appealing. (Who really wants to be trying to daintly pour out foundation to the back of their hands or strategically get just the right amount balanced atop of their makeup brush?) Durable, practical and timeless, this pretty bottle is definitely one of those that you would put pride of place on your makeup stand.  

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24h Foundation Swatch

When it came to testing out the foundation at home, my sceptical hat was on from the start. I am rather mistrusting of getting colour-matched for foundation in stores. The lights are so yellow and artificial that it can be difficult to tell the final effect. My biggest fear was that what looked a perfect colour for my skin in-store would turn me into a tangerine in the light of day. Especially because when I swatched it at home the 02 - Lys Rosé shade had a slightly peachy finish....My mind went into instant overdrive - 

'Oh bloody hell, I'm back to square one again aren't I?' 

But I needn't have been so concerned. Even though the foundation didn't look the right match at a first glance, the formulation is very smooth and extremely blendable when using a makeup brush. A little bit goes a really long way, meaning that if used sparingly, and built up slowly, there is no chance of overdoing it. If you like a finish that is more full coverage, this would easily be achieved too, just as long as you made sure all the product is blended out so that the 'seams' of your base cannot be seen. There is also a subtle scent to the foundation. To me it's like a mix of baby powder and florals, just like a beauty product your grandma would own. Not overbearing or sickening. this added to the high-end and luxe image that I always saw Lancôme having.

Even though the formulation of the foundation offers a matte finish, I found that not only did it give me a smooth and even look but it also brought some life and radiance into my cheeks. I was really impressed. (And trust me, after my oxidisation drama I absolutely scrutinised my face). In fact the only downside to the application process was that my larger, redder spots remained untouched and still visible. However his is just a small downside and easily rectifiable with a quick sweep of concealer. 

So, does the foundation last the 24 hours it claims to? Who knows! Never in my life have I worn a foundation for that long, so on that point I cannot comment. Nonetheless I was pleasantly surprised by how well the foundation lasted. I applied it first thing in the morning before we headed out for the day, and by the time evening came, even though the formula had faded (I hadn't touched up all day), the foundation was still clearly present on my face. The formulation had only slipped a little, had not left my face feeling oily, nor did it dry it out. And oxidisation? There was none! For my pregnant combination complexion it seemed a perfect match. 

Even though sceptical at first, I have been won over with the Teint Idole Ultra 24h foundation. It gives me a subtle radiance that definitely makes me feel like I look more alive, provides a flattering finish, and is long-lasting. For a purchase in which I had to blindly place all my faith, it hasn't let me down yet, and has definitely encouraged me to look more at a brand that otherwise I may have never otherwise tried.

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