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If you're a new or first time parent, you just might have thought the same things.....

Just how did we make something so bloody adorable? 

He's been asleep for ages...I might prod him. 

*Prods baby. Baby stirs* Oh shit! Go back to sleep. Go back to sleep. 

How can someone so small create so much poo?!? 

Finally he's asleep. Now I can get XYZ done! *Sits and plays on phone*

Four hours sleep? I am winning at life right now

Oh you want to hold him? No no, don't worry about passing him back yet. Have him for as long as you want. 

*Baby has jabs and cries* OH GOD I'M SO SORRY!!!! 

*Baby doesn't want to be put down* It's okay baby. I didn't need to shower/clean my teeth/brush my hair anyway.

I can't wait to have a night out! *Has night out* Oh I just miss my baby so much!

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