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If we can make it through watching one television programme a night uninterrupted nowadays, we know we are basically winning at life. The days where hours would pass by as I binge-watched show after show are a thing of the past. When I watch something now, it's something I have been really looking forward to seeing or something that I know requires minimal concentration.

Sex And The City | Now TV

We have a Now TV box so the entire Sex and The City boxset is always at my disposal. I've started right at the beginning again and plan to watch it all the way through. There are episodes that I've never seen all the way through and if hanging out with four kick-ass women for 25 minutes isn't one way to instantly pick you up I don't know what is.

Game Of Thrones | Sky Atlantic

Don't even get me started on this one! Game Of Thrones is something I have watched from the start and I am gutted that the latest season is coming to an end. If you love action, adventure and fantasy, then this is a must-watch. Brutal, tense, and sensual, you don't even realise that the time has flown and as soon as you tune in it feels like it's over. 

Friends | Comedy Central

A show of my teen years and now a definitive part of our evenings. Friends is a show that never gets old, and it's been on for so long that I feel like I know each character inside out. This is the show that you don't have to watch to know what's going on, and one that instantly puts a smile on my face (which when you've had a long day is something you really appreciate)!

Girl Boss | Netflix

I have to confess - although I shouldn't really have done this I did actually binge-watch this show throughout the course of an entire day. I just couldn't help myself. It was addictive and I got totally engrossed and completely lost all sense of time. I've heard that it won't be coming back for another series and to be honest I'm really gutted about that.

Bad Robots | Comedy Central 

Ryan and I stumbled across a total winner with this one. It's so difficult to find any film or TV show that makes me laugh but this has me in stitches all the time. It is silly, stupid, cringe-worthy. and absolutely genius (the photo booth and "bot" sketches are my favourite). 

Don't Tell The Bride | All 4

I'm so glad Don't Tell The Bride is back. I absolutely love this show and spend most of the time watching it feeling embarrassed, hiding behind a cushion or ranting at the screen. It does seem a little more 'put together' nowadays, with a tad more structure, but I can overlook this because it is just easy, breezy entertainment that is a must-see if you are planning a wedding, have been to a wedding, or have had a wedding. 

If you have any TV show recommendations, let me know in the comments.

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