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For me being a mum has meant that I've had to make certain sacrifices relating to my daily routine. Before baby I would happily spend an hour or two going through my YouTube subscription box catching up on videos that I may have missed from the week. However now I need to be much more selective. With much less time to myself my subscription list is now neatly curated to include only those creators whose videos are a must-watch. 

Sharing YouTubers I'm loving how now become a bit of a series on my blog now. And I'm quite happy to have it as a feature. I know how much energy, time and motivation goes in to making videos, and I think we need to celebrate this more and praise those who we think are nailing it (especially given how negative things have gotten recently).

I'm sure you'll know all of these ladies, but if you don't, head over to their channels and check them out. You may just discover a new favourite yourself.

I've been a follower of Lydia's for quite a few years. Seeing her start off as a blogger and now watching her YouTube videos always fills me with awe. The style, quality and presentation of her content is just amazing. Plus she is simply stunning (can we say "hair goals") I love watching her vlogs the most at the moment because they provide me with the ultimate escapism from life when my anxiety decided to pay a visit. Ones to catch up on are her wedding dress shopping videos, lookbooks, and her trip to the Maldives.

From her vlogs to her makeup tutorials, Holly Samanthaa is just so personable a YouTuber to watch. She does so much and is so multi-talented that I feel so lazy in comparison (she bakes, is fab at nails and makeup, does YouTube, is a cheerleader and is a super-attentive mum)! There's so much variety on her channel that there is always a video to suit whatever mood I'm in. She doesn't sugarcoat things either, which I think can be quite rare in someone who shares so much of their life. Watching her videos is like sitting down and catching up with a friend.

Kate comes across so well on camera and makes everything seem so natural. Hers were some of my favourite pregnancy vlogs to watch when I was expecting Baby Ginger. Her vlogs of days spent with her beautiful family (she's recently had another baby) always make me smile. She's such an inspiration with how much she does, and her baby updates and mummy videos are definitely ones to catch if you are a new mum or have younger children. 

Fleur DeForce was one of the very first YouTubers I started watching religiously. And now even Ryan is a bit of a fan. She is just so personable a person to both watch and follow on Twitter ( her engagement is great) and comes across so well in every single one of her videos. There has never been one that I've not wanted to watch (which is rare, even with creators I really like). Currently expecting her first baby she is making pregnancy look so glamorous (Where were all these pretty maternity clothes when I was pregnant, eh?) She's another YouTuber I watch for absolute escapism which she never fails to deliver.

I went through a bit of a stage where Gabriella's videos were some of the ones I would scroll past and not really pay much attention. I think it's because I'm finding the age gap between myself and some of those I watch a bit too big sometimes and I can't relate to things they might be vlogging about. However she's now one of the YouTubers I keep up with the most again (I'm really enjoying her moving vlogs and haul videos). It's quite funny too because whenever one of her videos in on, Eric just smiles and smiles at the screen. It might be the tone of her voice, or maybe her face (she's nearly always is smiling and interacting directly to the camera in her vlogs) but either way it is just so cute to see.

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