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Out of all the seasons I love Autumn the best. I think it's because I'm a winter baby - I am naturally drawn to chillier weather. It's where I feel most alive. A season of incredible beauty and colour there is just so much to love about sweater season that I wanted to share some of my favourite things.

autumnal shot of the lake, statue, trees and water feature in sefton park, liverpool

1. Cosy Coats & Super Soft Knitwear

There's no better a feeling to me than picking out the snuggliest clothes I can find from my wardrobe and bundling up against the cold weather. It's like walking round in one big hug. I try and update my knitwear each Autumn as I pretty much wear everything to death and if I'm feeling particularly organised I'll lay my comfies out on the radiator for a bit to warm up before I put them on.

Coats are also one of my biggest weaknesses. I have so many it is just ridiculous. But there's just something about them. They really pull an Autumn outfit together. I have made some investment purchases over the years that come out of hibernation at this time of year and I love slipping them on and getting snuggly before heading out. One of my favourites is a grey faux fur oversized coat I bought from River Island years ago. I affectionately call it my 'yeti coat' because it is absolutely massive and wearing it is like getting a cuddle from a bear. I just love it.

2. Seasonal Drinks

Whether it's PSL, a chai tea latte or a red cup there's no question that everyone seems to get a little excited at this time of year when it comes to hot beverages, with coffee shops bringing out their seasonal ranges and trying to up their game each year. Personally I am a sucker for a hot chocolate topped with lashing of whipped cream. It's my Autumn drink of choice and I find myself gravitating to cocoa much more than coffee during the colder months. Although if you were to offer me a large flat white and a mince pie I wouldn't say no! 

Mulled wine is also my Achilles heel. Especially if we are out and about at a Christmas market. I have also attempted making my own at home but I get a bit over zealous with the red wine so I tend to stick to the shop bought or ready made varieties nowadays.

close up shot of green leaves with a small waterfall and stream out of focus in the background

path surrounded by trees in sefton park, liverpool

male duck standing on a rock by a lake in sefton park, liverpool

3. Crunchy Leaves & Winter Wildlife

'Autumn days when the grass is jewelled and the silk inside a chestnut shell.'

Did anyone else used to sing that in primary school? It was always one of my favourites to sing and now as a grown up the images that fill my head whenever I think about it just make me want to grab my coat and hat and go on a big long walk. Nature is at her most stunning this season. From the crisp leaves to the dewy morning grass to the animals and bird you spot scrabbling around amidst the tress, being outside is just glorious. 

We have made it a bit of a weekend tradition now to go to Sefton Park or Rimrose Valley and spend as much time as we can in the great outdoors. And Eric absolutely loves it - he runs around screeching, picks up leaves and giggles away when we push him on the swings. And if Ryan and I have had a crazy week it feels so good to go on a walk to dust away the cobwebs so we are ready to start a new week with a clear head.

4. Pretty Photo Opps

Hand in hand with being outside is the opportunity it gives you to capture some stunning shots and memory-making photos. I really enjoy taking out my camera and snapping away. Nature photography is one of my favourites as well as capturing candid shots of Ryan and Eric together. I make sure there's a balance between time behind the lens and times spent with my boys but sometimes I just can't help myself but see what shots I can get. 

autumn photo father and toddler son standing in a park wearing coats and walking away from camera

autumn photo of redhead wearing glasses and sitting outside on stone steps looking off camera

5. More Excuses For Snuggling Up On The Sofa

And when you've spent the day outside exploring, walking and taking photos there's just something about heading home, getting into your comfies and curling up on the sofa together to watch a film and keep cosy. There are always some great things to watch at this time of year too - my preferences are Strictly, The Apprentice, and for this year Making A Murderer and The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina on Netflix. I grab some sweet treats (I love a bowl of popcorn mixed with M&Ms) and more often than not doze off watching my favourite shows.

Do you love Autumn too? Let me know your favourite things about this time of year in the comments.

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