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I have always considered my hair my biggest accessory. It's big, it's red and although most of the time it looks an absolute mess, I really think it makes me stand out. And for years now I have wanted to get it to a good enough condition where I feel like I could happily donate it and not feel embarrassed about it. 

And finally that time is nearly here. At the start of 2019 I will be saying goodbye to my fiery golden locks and embarking on a big hair change. The bleach that totally ravaged my hair has nearly grown out and I can't use excuses to put off the process any longer. 

woman sitting outside in a park wearing a faux fur coat and looking off camera

On 26th January I will be cutting off as many inches of my hair as I can to donate to Little Princess Trust - a charity who make wigs for children who may have lost their hair due to illness or through cancer treatment. Hand in hand with this I will be raising money for the Liverpool Women's Charity. I had Eric at the Liverpool Women's Hospital and had the best birth experience and aftercare so I really want to do all I can to support the work they do and show my appreciation for what the hospital has done for me. 

woman standing in front of yellow flowers in bowler hat and looking at the camera posing

woman standing in front of yellow flowers in bowler hat and looking at the ground smiling

Saying goodbye to my hair isn't going to be easy (I will probably cry) and it took me a long time to settle on a date to do it. Normally I try and d a charity walk each year or more active fundraiser but I just couldn't this year. I am really attached to it and love feeling it swish around my shoulders. But there are so many children, young people and adults out there who do not lose their hair by choice that I can't feel sorry for myself. 

This is not a post to ask for donations. It is more for me to mark what is going to happen (so I don't feel like chickening out). It is also to help raise awareness for the charities I have mentioned and to hopefully help inspire anyone reading this to  consider organising and hosting a fundraising event for a charity you care about. It doesn't matter what you do - big or small - but there are some really deserving causes out there that need support, so why not reach out and see what you can do to help. 

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