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When I was pregnant with Eric I read a book on hypnobirthing but I never really followed through on anything it said. It came with accompanying tracks which I would listen to and they would send me to sleep but when it came to labour I think I was just too scared for anything to resonate. 

This time round things are very different and hypnobirthing has played a big part in helping me keep focused and relaxed. I don't even really know how I rediscovered it. I think there have been quite a few people over the past couple of years talking about it and the idea must have stuck. With my determination to have a calmer pregnancy I became hyper aware of any resources or recommendations that were mentioned and it just went from there.

image shows a flat lay of red roses, a book on hypnobirthing and three birth affirmation cards

I made the decision to learn about hypnobirthing at home rather than on a course so that I could take things at my own speed. I wanted Ryan as my birth partner to be fully on board and with his work hours not always being consistent, the 'at home' approach just made more sense. 

So with all that being said, here are the three main resources I have been using to help educate myself when it comes to hypnobirthing. So if you are wanting to know more about the whole thing or are looking for a place to start, I can honestly say that all three of these resources have revolutionised the way I think about pregnancy, labour and birth, have made me really appreciate my body in a whole new way, and are making me really look forward to the experience of pushing this baby out.

The Positive Birth Company Digital Pack - I jumped on the chance to invest in this the minute I saw that there was a special offer running a few months back. And it was by far the best impulsive decision I've made. 

The pack is broken down into 43 videos which cover a range of topics - from the science of hypnobirthing right the way through to relaxation techniques. And everything makes so much sense! I would watch a couple of videos every night before I went to bed or in the morning when I would first wake up and they are really easy and enjoyable to watch. 

You have access to the course for 12 months after you purchase it and the pack comes with other resources too (MP3s, a course booklet, birth preferences template and more) so you are getting a lot much bang for your buck. 

'Make Your Birth Better' by Siobhan Miller - Off the back of investing in the digital pack I decided to buy Siobhan Miller's (founder of The Positive Birth Company) book. Watching videos was great and so easy to digest but I also wanted something I could read through to accompany all the information I was being given. 

I am halfway through the book at the moment and like with the digital pack, it is really resonating with me. It's full of tools and techniques you can apply during labour and delivery and also has positive birth stories from real mums with different birth experiences that all illustrate how well hypnobirthing has worked for them. 

It's a really inspiring book to reference, especially if I find myself second guessing my abilities or if I feel my confidence waning. 

I would say that the digital pack has worked slightly better for me (I think it's because I'm more of a visual learner), but the book complements and reinforces everything the course teaches you so combined the two are great for keeping your spirits and your motivation up!

I Can Do This Studio Birth Affirmation Cards* - I was very kindly gifted a set of birth affirmation cards by Hannah at I Can Do This Studio and they have been the perfect addition to my hypnobirthing education. The cards themselves are beautiful and all the phrases are really empowering ands uplifting to read. 

I keep the majority of the cards hung up on the wall by my side of the bed so that they are the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see before I go to bed. I also keep one perched on the mirror in our living room (I spend quite a lot of time in that part of the house so it made sense to have one there). 

At times when I do feel my confidence slipping or I need a little reminder of how strong I am I look at them and repeat the phrases a few times in my head. This is normal enough to get me back on the straight and narrow. 

I think the affirmation cards will be incredibly helpful during labour and the birth (Ryan can read them to me if I can't do it myself) but even now in the lead up to the big day having them in my periphery at all times is enough for them to start embedding themselves in my subconscious. 

During labour I'm planning on having the affirmation cards displayed downstairs in the living room sitting in between some little tea lights I've bought. Even just being able to spot the outline of them out of the corner of my eye should be enough to prompt the positive feelings they are already evoking in my mind and fingers crossed help keep my spirits up if I am starting to panic.

My Hypnobirthing Playlist - A random fact you may not know is that Eric was born as a song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show was playing (Hot Patootie (Bless My Soul) for anyone who is curious). When it came to compiling my birth playlist back then I wanted upbeat and motivating tracks that I could dance, sing and ultimately push to. 

pinterest friendly image that shows a flat lay of a book, red roses and birth affirmation cards

But this time I've changed my mind. Hypnobirthing touches on using visualisations during labour so I've taken that idea and used it when finding tracks that I will want to listen to. 

Everything I have chosen evokes a memory, creates a mental image or is from something that makes me feel really relaxed. Every song or piece of music is calming and soothing and it is my hope that when my surges begin, instead of being scared and stressed, listening to the playlist will help me stay focused and remember to breathe

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