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Up to a point, Eric was a really good little eater. He would try lots of foods and didn't really turn a lot down (except avocado, which I still haven't come to terms with). However, on the lead up to him turning two that completely changed and my once adventurous toddler became the fussiest, pickiest little thing and I just wasn't prepared!

It's gotten to a point where I just am having to wing it - which is pretty much the story of my life when it comes to motherhood anyway. I've gotten some advice from the lady who did Eric's two year review which I am trying to make work, but when it comes to meals, it's literally a guessing game as to whether he's going to eat what you put in front of him every single time. 

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And that's why I thought I'd write this post. Not only as an insight into what I feed my toddler but also to hopefully give a little support and inspiration to any parent out there who is currently going through the same thing. Because as frustrating a stage as it is, we are not alone in it!

Breakfast - This is easily the time of day when Eric eats the most. He is a creature of habit with breakfast so always asks for an apple or banana and then will have either a pancake, toast or a small pastry (as a treat) with it. Throw in some more fruit and some water and he'll happily munch away with minimal protest. 

Lunch - Before we had Eric's review I used to give him a sandwich, some dried cheerios and some more fruit and a yoghurt or cheese for lunch, but one thing that was suggested at his review was that I try switching lunch and dinner around to see if that helps with Eric's eating. 

So now - if we are not on the go - Eric will have a bigger lunch to dinner. He will have some leftovers, two fish fingers / chicken nuggets and some sort of vegetable or if I'm feeling daring, a jacket potato followed by fruit and cheese or a yoghurt! And it does seem to be working (kind of). Sometimes he will turn his nose up at what's on his plate but more often than not he will eat (or at least pick at) his food. 

Dinner - Eric's appetite definitely decreases as the day goes on, and realising this I have started to give him an earlier dinner and opt for something lighter - a piece of toast with cream cheese and some dry cereal, Weetabix or a scotch pancake with fruit usually go down really well. I give him his dinner in between 4.15-5pm and then if he still shows signs of being hungry I will offer him some milk before bed (although Eric is still not the biggest fan).

Snacks - Snacking is our biggest problem with Eric. If you gave him the chance he would just graze all day (I wonder where he gets that from.) I used to give him a morning and afternoon snack but now I only give him something if I need to bribe him up the stairs for nap time (or bedtime) and then we have the 'biscuits and bed' routine that I mentioned in this post.

However if Eric is showing signs of being really hungry fruit or dairy is always my go-to. Eric is a fiend of fruit so it always is a hit and since he has discovered apples he will happily carry one round with him chomping away. He eats the entire thing so it keeps him occupied for a good while and is normally enough to carry him over to the next mealtime.

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What meals are a big hit with your little ones? Are there any tactics you use to get your fussy eaters to finish off a meal? Let me know your ideas in the comments.

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