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After my last pregnancy and how much it affected my mental health, this time round I wanted to go straight into things as prepared as I could be. True enough - I can't be in control of how my pregnancy was going to go, but I could be in command of managing my emotions and feelings of anxiousness that I know so, so well. 

A part of this was booking myself in for some private scans - little milestones I could look forward to if things should get a little rocky or I felt myself start to wobble. I'd heard about Bump of Churchtown from Codie, and after being told some really good things I decided to head there for a little peek in on baby.

Image: Bump of Church-town

Because we found out about Baby no2 so early the first thing I did was book an early reassurance scan. I think we went for this around 7/8 weeks and it was such a good decision to make. Nobody knew we were expecting and I was just so on edge that having the knowledge baby was nestled in there with its heart beating away was the comfort I really needed to carry me through to the dating scan. 

Stepping into the studio it immediately felt so welcoming. The decor and layout of the waiting room feels really intimate and helps take the edge off your nerves as you wait for your appointment - it is almost like you are sitting in someone's living room and the little rustic touches really add to the calm and cosy atmosphere.

Image: Bump of Churchtown

The first scan was so long ago that remembering it all is a bit of a blur but I do remember being so relieved that everything was okay I cried. The whole experience left a good impression on me, so much so that I decided to sign up for the studios scan package , which meant that I would get to come back an additional two times to see baby alongside the scans you receive on the NHS. 

Each time I came back to Bump of Churchtown I felt so well looked after. The staff must see so many women every day but they really do make the experience so special for you. Rachel (owner and sonographer) took the time to point out so many interesting things on the screen and answered any questions that we had. She was very patient with us when it came to bringing Eric (who naturally didn't keep still and wanted to raid all the cupboards and play with everything and really took her time with the scan to ensure we got to spend plenty of quality time with our littlest boy. At no point did we feel rushed or like there was a time crunch working against us. 

As someone who does get worried easily and is often visited by anxious thoughts, opting for private scans really helped to put my mind at rest. The studio is staffed by qualified sonographers so I knew I was in safe hands and Rachel also gave so much insight to what we were seeing during the scan and you just don't get that level of detail at your regular hospital ones (which is completely understandable - #noshade). 

I had private scans with my last pregnancy but going to Bump of Churchtown made the experience much more special - more than I could ever have hoped. Going there has been one of the highlights of this journey and the team made every visit just so wonderful for us. From seeing baby as a little tiny blob to finding out we were having a boy to one last look in at him in 4D I feel like going there has helped my pregnancy become such a positive experience and I actually miss having an appointment to look forward to.

When you find a hidden gem of an independent business that really leaves a lasting impression on you you should shout it from the rooftops and if you are pregnant or know someone who is and you are in the Liverpool area, then you need to book in to Bump of Churchtown. For a calm and comforting atmosphere, exceptional staff and an experience you'll cherish forever you really couldn't ask for a better setting!

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