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Dave the Cat has been with us for eight whole months now, and he is well and truly part of the family. He is probably the craziest (and strangest) cat I've ever met, but he is our little weirdo and I love him to absolute pieces. 

So - as you can guess - knowing that we had to leave him whilst we went away on our Christmas holidays was really difficult. I felt so guilty that we had to leave him behind and couldn't take him with us. Finding a fantastic place for him to go on his own holiday was priority number one. 

It was MG who discovered The Pets Country Manor online. With lots of really positive reviews, I knew it was a place that we had to check out. So, one Autumn afternoon, MG and I set off to see it for ourselves. 

I was not disappointed by what I saw. The Pets Country Manor has got to be the most spacious cattery I've ever seen. The grounds are absolutely huge, with beautiful views over the surrounding countryside. The owners were absolutely lovely, and put my mind completely at ease. I honestly was an emotional wreck at the thought of leaving my furry baby with complete strangers, but you could just tell that the owners live and breathe their job. There was so much passion and love behind all the information I was being told, that any fears I had were instantly quashed. 

The morning I had to drop off Dave was really difficult emotionally I felt really sad that I had to leave Dave, and was worried that he was going to be a little menace. He is still coming out of being a kitten and still has mad half hours where he tears around like a loon. I dropped him off with his favourite toys - just in case he got lonely - and waited for him to protest at me abandoning him. But quite honestly I didn't have to worry. No sooner had I unclipped the hatches of his cat box he was off exploring his suite without so much as a glance back at me to say goodbye. I on the other hand, was holding back the tears.

What I loved so much about The Pets Country Manor is that whilst you are away, their Facebook page is regularly updated with photo and video updates of how your cat is getting on. This is a great comfort for those of us who may be leaving our cats for the first time because you can see how they are getting on. In all of Dave's updates he looked contented and happy as can be, playing away happily without a care in the world and nosing into his neighbours' suites to see what was going on.

It was pretty clear that whilst we were away, Dave got bucket-loads of attention. The suites are heated so there was no chance of him getting cold (he does feel the cold quite a lot, choosing to sit with me underneath a blanket if it's bitter outside.) And with his own dining area, he could still maintain the routine we have got him in of having a completely separate eating and play area. It was an all-inclusive holiday, with Dave's food, litter, and toys for his stay provided. He had been one pampered puss on his holidays!

When we returned the ten days after leaving Dave, it was as if we had only left him for five seconds. He could not have been less fazed at being on his own little holiday, and was happy and content. He got a stellar report from the owners, and we were told that on Christmas Day he had received his own little cat-friendly turkey dinner, and that a little Christmas present was coming home with him for him to enjoy. He had been absolutely a spoilt! And we could not have been happier. 

The Pets Country Manor does not just provide a cattery service. It also has accommodation for smaller pets too, with hay, fruit & veg, bedding etc. provided.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in booking Dave in to The Pets Country Manor again. It is an outstanding facility, and to have owners with so much passion and drive looking after your furry baby is such a comfort. "The Manor" and owners have won a number of awards, and in 2014, The Pets Country Manor was awarded The UK's Number 1 Cattery title. 

If you live in or around Liverpool and you are looking for somewhere for your cat or smaller pet to spend their holidays whilst you are away, please check out The Pets Country Manor. It really is an amazing place, and it deserves every praise for providing such a dedicated and loving service for its guests. Come future holidays, I can only imagine Dave will be only too happy to return and spend some time sunning himself in his suite. And he won't miss us one bit. 

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